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[SEMINAR] Threat Intelligence Training - Cyber & Real World Security Workshop

Friday July 20, 2018

[SEMINAR] Threat Intelligence Training – Cyber & Real World Security Workshop


When: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Artemis Defense Institute: Lake Forest CA

Event Description

Join us for an educational and insightful morning where we will focus on strengthening your cyber security strategy with emphasis on the current threat landscape, managing and assessing risk, threat monitoring and detection, remediation best practices after a breach has occurred as well as fortifying your security posture to meet your regulatory compliance requirements.

This exclusive workshop session will also include real-life security training through virtual, simlulated situations that will cover self-defense strategies, psychological preparedness and real world threat minimization. Lunch and beverages will also be provided throughout the session.

We will cover…

  • The top threats you need to be aware of: People, Process, Cloud
  • Best practices to a higher level of cybersecurity maturity
  • Effective policies and strategies that can be implemented to strengthen your defenses
  • How to implement staff behaviors to improve your organization’s cyber threat readiness
  • Demonstration of the use of AI in threat detection and unauthorized access to sensitive data

Who Should Attend?

Busineses stakeholders, information technology decision makers and influencers looking for opportunities to better evaluate and choose the right fit for your security and compliance needs in your IT strategy.

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