Data Privacy Impact Assessment

Synoptek provides reliable systems and processes to ensure your data assets are secure.

Data privacy regulations, like the GDPR, CCPA, NYCR, and CMR, require data privacy to be considered before implementing a project or a process that may impact the integrity of protected information. If the project or process is considered to be high-risk, some privacy rules, such as Europe’s GDPR, require conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) to ensure compliance.

Synoptek’s data protection impact assessments provide a critical tool for organizations that assists in identifying potential risks associated with their policies and operational procedures.

Synoptek provides data protection impact services based first on the criteria as defined by the GDPR and CCPA. Further, to understand both the risk of compromise to personal information, classified as “PII,” as well as the risk of compromise to business operations. We provide these services based on eight core readiness modules:

  • Tool Analysis & recommendation document
  • Data Inventory Assessment
  • Revise & Update Privacy Notices
  • Validation of PI for Portability & External Distribution
  • Access Rights Assessment
  • Validation of Right of Erasure
  • Right to Opt Out
  • Third-party SLA Review

Synoptek’s Approach to Data Protection Impact Assessments

Synoptek also provides additional services associated with DPIA, including extended training modules for key leadership tasked with data protection. The DPIA Security Training Module also includes a range of rubrics and onboarding processes to validate third party service providers’ compliance with data privacy regulations.

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