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Enterprise Software for Retailers

Today’s tech-savvy consumer expects to be met with a greater level of sophistication than ever. Give them the seamless experience they demand. At the same time, let’s talk about decreasing costs and making moves that help you maintain your competitive edge.

We can help you manage complex omni-channel operations and glean important BI from both brick and mortar and online sales platforms. We can digitize your value chain, strengthen the customer experience, and increase both consumer loyalty and profitability.

Our retail services encompass the full spectrum of consulting, advising, enterprise application design, implementation and management for mobility and operational requirements, and quality assurance and testing. Learn more today!

Your mission-critical consumer-facing applications require an infrastructure that’s stable, reliable, efficient and secure. Your operations deserve the kind of 24/7 support for coast-to-coast operations that Synoptek is ideally suited to provide.

Retail technology is full of innovation. Today’s consumers demand superior experiences from retailers, and software can help deliver just that. With this in mind, act as a catalyst for customers and leverage the power of digital.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re looking to optimize retail operations through a powerful ERP like Microsoft Dynamics AX, manage marketing and sales better through Dynamics CRM, or create engaging eCommerce experiences with Sitecore, Synoptek’s retail software services will ensure you’re delivering what your customers desire.

To help those facing challenges in streamlining operations, finances, or supply chain, Synoptek provides end-to-end enterprise software services for retailers. We’re always available to address software requirements for custom development, application maintenance or support, quality assurance, and testing.

Retail Software Services:

  • Business Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Application Implementation
  • Mobility Implementation
  • Application Management
  • Custom Application Development
  • Quality Assurance and Testing


“Synoptek really has experts in Dynamics AX ERP. I’ve led SAP, AX, and many other implementations. This one was so smooth – everything went perfectly. Synoptek’s experts knew exactly what needed to be done, and how to do it – on time and within budget! Our business heads – finance, supply chain, retail operations, and warehouse management – were happy and thought the Synoptek team was very knowledgeable.”

Head of IT

A Large Toy Store


  • Support: Manage multi-channel operations and derive business intelligence from physical and digital retail footprints.
  • Innovate: Make mobile more than the device. Digitally enhance the store. Digitize the entire value chain.
  • Enhance: Strengthen customer experience, consumer loyalty, and profitability. Play a leading role in shaping the industry as a whole.


Solutions for Retail

Employee Self Service Solution: Leverage automation as part of your retail business processes. Self-service forms on SharePoint empower your employees to access real-time data to complete each task at hand. Read More

Project Portfolio Management Solution: Better manage complex projects, centralize documents, enhance team collaboration, and automate your reporting process using SharePoint. Read More

Field Sales Mobile App: Help your sales representatives become more productive during customer visits with better planning and tracking, and provide executives with the critical insights they need. Read More

Customer Service Solution: Our customer service solution helps to reduce support costs, improve customer satisfaction and maximize productivity of your reps through a field service mobile app. Read More


Manufacturing and Distribution

Increase Productivity. Improve Efficiency. Transform your Business. Read More

Enabling Digital Transformation for Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies require 100% availability at all times, as the operation of large expensive assets is often completely dependent on high-function applications and a robust systems infrastructure. We get that, and work with some of the world’s largest manufacturing and distribution brands to streamline their processes with integrated applications and the ongoing support they need to survive and thrive.

In addition, we recognize that the future of global manufacturing is increasingly digital with Big Data, AI and IoT creating a rapidly shifting environment that can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate. As the industry shifts, organizations need highly-skilled technology partners to create reliable and efficient systems.

Leverage the latest digital technologies to transform your business and stay at the cutting-edge of a changing industry, all while carefully protecting your infrastructure to ensure around-the-clock accessibility. Streamline your manufacturing frameworks, and improve your business intelligence systems, automation, enterprise application design, management, support, and quality assurance.

The current big shift in manufacturing revolves around adapting to the digitization of business and information. As your manufacturing enterprise grows and innovates, there is a need for deeper insight into supply chain and manufacturing lifecycles, managing complexities of products, and an increasing importance of the globalization of talent and delivery – all of which trigger rapid change in the manufacturing and distribution sector.

Why Choose Us?

Synoptek provides digital transformation services to manufacturing and distribution firms across the globe. These often include:

  • Dynamics AX ERP: Helps manufacturers better manage product complexities for standard or custom specifications for increased responsiveness to user needs.
  • Dynamics CRM: Supports a solid framework to streamline manufacturing tasks across sales, operations, marketing, and customer support.
  • Mobile Apps: Promotes real-time manufacturing operations for field sales, procurement, and logistics – or any mobility requirement.
  • Software Requirements: Addressing software requirements for custom development, application maintenance or support, and quality assurance and testing.

Manufacturing and Distribution Services:

  • Business Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Application Implementation
  • Mobility Implementation
  • Application Management and Support
  • Customer Software Development
  • Quality Assurance and Testing


“All issues resolved and we’re finished! We had an excellent cutover. The entire team did an outstanding job. We are live two-hours ahead of schedule! I hope they are as proud of themselves as I am of them. Congratulations to the entire team. You all should be quite proud.”

Director, Business Applications, IT

A Leading Manufacturer of Commercial, Industrial, and Appliance Motors and Controls


Increase Productivity: Make smart manufacturing decisions. Build intelligent ecosystems. Focus on product quality.

Improve Efficiencies: Build smarter supply chains. Modernize existing manufacturing systems. Strive for continuous business innovation.

Transform Business: Leverage digital technologies like IoT, analytics, sensing, and 3D printing. Provide performance-based services.


Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution

Customer Service Solution: Decrease support costs and improve customer satisfaction using the Customer Service Solution and maximize productivity of your reps through a field service mobile app. Read More

Field Procurement Mobile App: Automate purchase of commodities by procurement officers in real time. Integrate with ERP to deliver instant updates on purchases. Read More

Field Sales Mobile App: Enrich sales productivity during customer visits through better planning and tracking, and provide your executives with critical insights. Read More

Employee Self Service Solution: Automate your business processes through self-service forms. Self-service forms on SharePoint empower your employees to access desired data in real-time to complete a specific task. Read More

Project Portfolio Management Solution: Easily manage complex projects, centralize project documents, and automate your reporting process using the SharePoint Project Portfolio Management solution. Read More

Field Service Mobile App: Boost productivity and effectiveness of your field service personnel with efficient field service, seamless order management, and offline work support, anytime and anywhere. Read More


We offer an easy, complete method for managing each aspect of digital transformation. Learn more today.

Media and Entertainment

Tech that Takes You Further, Faster. Read More

The media and entertainment industries have experienced a revolution in recent years, and staying competitive requires a serious commitment to modernizing your products and services to suit the demands of this new digital reality.

A partner to many media and entertainment brands, we have helped large media and entertainment companies get their content to global markets faster and transformed their digital value chains.

Synoptek’s technology services for entertainment and media brands incorporate expert advising and consulting to develop top-to-bottom design and implementation of enterprise applications, as well as  management solutions to continually adapt infrastructure to meet the needs of the changing marketplace.

We design processes and build applications that streamline your content development and digital distribution processes. Our product development, SDLC service and DevOps capabilities help you move forward faster. We’ve proven ourselves via work with multiple Fortune 500 brands in this space, and we’re committed to cutting down your time to market so you can begin meeting rapidly-evolving demands faster.

Learn how we can reduce your administrative burdens while offering you the added benefits of increased efficiencies in workflow and actionable improvements to lead management and accelerated growth. We do it all!

Financial Services

Meeting the Needs of an Increasingly Competitive and Regulated Financial Services Market. Read More

In the financial services sector, technology – when correctly applied – can provide a valuable market differentiator.

At Synoptek, we understand the nuanced, dynamic, and competitive nature of the financial services industry, and we design secure IT solutions for finance with this in mind.

With a comprehensive approach to development and infrastructure, Synoptek works directly with each of its partners to strategize, implement, and continually refine specialized plans for each aspect of operations and management: from administrating the basic collection and distribution of data, to navigating the operational complexity of SEC, FINRA, and FDIC regulations. This allows Synoptek’s partners to enjoy the competitive edge that a reduced administrative burden – and the freedom to emphasize building rather than maintenance – provides.

Software Product Companies

Maximize Opportunity. Reduce Costs. Improve Time to Market. Read More

Creating Dynamic Software Products

As our world becomes increasingly digital, it falls to software companies to meet demand and innovate new solutions; but there’s no need to do it alone.

With proven agile development methodologies and a DevOps approach, we work alongside you to help you focus on the right priorities and release management schedules, while also improving time-to-market, enhancing performance, and increasing efficiency and profitability.

With our full-spectrum managed cloud and mobile solutions for organizational management behind you, you can spend more time extending your offerings to new markets, stepping out ahead of competition, and creating new customer opportunities.

Market forces, organizational challenges, and technology disruptions are driving software companies to adapt quickly to business needs. This involves adopting new technologies such as cloud, SaaS, mobile, and social. Software products – whether through established ISVs or a startup – maximize customer opportunity by extending quality, relevant, and efficient services.

Why Choose Us?

Synoptek offers a variety of development and testing services for product software companies, including product life cycle management, cloud and mobile enablement, and product globalization through product development, enhancements, upgrades, integration, and maintenance services. Our quality assurance and product testing services are critical for successful software companies to offer bug-free products while keeping an aggressive time-to-market.

Services for Software Product Companies:

  • Business Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Application Implementation
  • Mobility Implementation
  • Application Management
  • Quality Assurance and Testing


“Your team members have made significant contributions to our most important projects, exerting extra effort when necessary to ensure timely completion of tasks. This extra effort and care is what sets Synoptek apart from any other offshore contractors our organization has worked with. Their diligent focus on our products and attention to detail has helped to find countless product issues prior to release, and that has improved our product and image as a quality conscious software company. Thanks for a great year of service to our organization and to another year of continued success!”

Manager, Product Development

Leading Provider of Information Availability Software


Enhance Time-to-Market: Stay ahead of the competition. Never keep your customer waiting.

Reduce Costs: Reduce total development, product, and program effort costs.

Maximize Customer Opportunity: Extend offerings to new markets, industry verticals, and geographic locations.



A Proven Track Record of Healthcare Industry Success. Read More

Synoptek’s nearly 20 years of expertise in healthcare business processes is the backbone of our success.

Over 70 healthcare companies, from large hospitals to individual doctor practices, rely on Synoptek to streamline operational efficiency and provide more value and better outcomes for patients.

Individual applications for managing projects, EHR, communications, practice, facility, customer support, and HIPAA-compliant IT combine seamlessly with security, infrastructure and disaster recovery solutions to form a safe and cohesive management system for healthcare administration at every level.