Business Analytics in the Energy Industry

Better data, better decisions, work smarter

Make Inciteful Decisions and Optimize Business Performance

Business Intelligence is about quickly recognizing the interdependencies between senior management, information, operational effectiveness and decision making.  Managing these elements require agile data collection and IT infrastructure integration producing information that can be analyzed and disseminated to drive business strategy that will positively impact profitability.

Business analytics or business intelligence is all about understanding what makes your company and your industry work at their optimum potential and therefore optimum profitability.  Collecting internal and external data is essential to energy companies.  Almost every employee is tasked with collecting, managing, storing and accessing some type of data.  This data is stored in both in specialized energy applications and in off-the-shelf programs in various types of data

Business analytics applications need to quickly access data that can be turned into organized and reliable data points, on which real-time decisions can be made.

Can Your IT Environment Support Your Information Demands?

An agile, robust IT infrastructure is critical in making this happen.  No matter the software platform or the amount of customized development work you have, if your IT infrastructure is not designed, configured or maintained properly, nothing else will work.


Energy companies today may be finding as much profit in managing this captured “data” as they can in the actual producing of a finished product.  Real-time business intelligence can help executives make important decisions regarding petroleum markets and various cost components contributing to the price of their finished product or service.

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