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We provide complete IT infrastructure support for many rural healthcare providers

The IT Gap in Rural Healthcare

Propelling the growth of this movement to outsource information technology services are the rising pressure to curb healthcare costs across the globe and the growing need to manage cash flow in back-office administration and IT management systems of healthcare providers, payers, and patients.Synoptek Healthcare IT Services

The rapid pace of change in healthcare delivery has also affected all parts of the U. S., including small and rural communities. Rural people have been affected by the revolutions in financing, from fee-for-service to managed care; in the use of technology, where treatment is now data-intensive; and in the relationships between patients and professionals, where there are more options and greater expectations of quality and accountability.

These changes have not affected rural communities in the same way they have affected urban and populous places. Rural people may not be getting their share of the benefits of medical progress and the new structure of healthcare.  Rural America remains relatively under-resourced in healthcare. Many rural communities continue to experience shortages of physicians (only 10% of physicians practice outside urban centers supporting 25% of the population) and access to advanced technology.

We Can Help Resolve this Problem – Managed Services for Healthcare Providers

To help resolve this problem the Affordable Care Act provides grants for tele-health initiatives and other ways to overcome geographic barriers to healthcare.  Access to patient electronic health records (EHR’s), and connectivity to portable devices must provide continuous data access, or be recovered very quickly should an outage occur in rural areas just the same as in an urban environment.

Rural healthcare providers must comply in the same manner as urban healthcare providers to the HITECH Act of 2009 and all updated HIPAA requirements.  Recently it was estimated that only one-third of rural healthcare providers have adopted electronic health records systems.Contact Us -

Synoptek Managed Services is providing HIPAA compliant IT operations support to many rural healthcare providers including; The Urology Clinic of Colorado, Aspen Valley Medical Center, Middle Park Medical Center, Yampa Valley Medical Center, Parkland Medical, Allosource, AMR and many more.

Our familiarity with the issues facing rural healthcare providers is demonstrated in the quality of our design solutions.  We know how to provide seamless implementations and systems migrations in rural areas.  We can provide Help Desk support, remote monitoring and management, disaster recovery services and even additional staff if needed.

Rural healthcare providers are increasingly interested in our cloud-based infrastructure and application hosting based on a fixed monthly price.  Give us a call so that we can demonstrate our skill in supporting IT environments in rural areas for healthcare providers.



Managed HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting


Cloud Use – As different types of technology are brought on by healthcare organizations; the cloud will be the easiest way to connect them, ensure performance and focus on security. Only cloud-based solutions offer healthcare providers, administrators and patients the access, they require and maintaining security compliance.Quatris Healthcare Case Study

Cloud Configuration and Execution – Healthcare focused Managed Service Providers, like Synoptek, know how to configure, manage and support compliant IT cloud infrastructure.  Rapid changes to the deployment of public cloud, AWS and Azure features and configuration changes now mandate IT professionals have the expertise and recent training in these services. This includes using Azure, AWS or hybrid cloud configurations.

Cloud Management – Let experts manage cloud performance, storage, and backup.  Healthcare providers should consider offloading server hardware patching, upgrades, backup management, provisioning storage and more.  Many times requests for changes to cloud instances can bury a busy IT staff.  Lack of IT Cloud expertise combined with short-time frames can contribute to critical errors.  Certified Cloud Professionals at Synoptek can help you keep up with your quickly changing business environment.

Healthcare Cloud-Based IT Security – the need for cyber security measures has never been greater. Healthcare records are a very attractive target. Bloomberg reported that cyber-attacks against hospitals have more than doubled in the last five years. In 2017, hospitals must treat cybersecurity measures as a significant part of their existing governance, risk management, and business continuity framework. These measures must also be, according to the AHA, flexible and resilient enough to address threats that are likely to be constantly evolving and multi-pronged.

Rural Healthcare IT Focused Cloud Migration and Usage Assessment Services

Rural-based healthcare providers are increasing their usage of cloud-based services, like everyone else.  Right-sizing your cloud; getting the proper configuration, confirming your cloud workload types, storage options, peak RAM usage, storage capacity and current utilization require very precise analytics.  Synoptek’s Cloud Assessment Service is a detailed report that provides all of this data and more including third party (Azure, AWS) vendor analysis:

Synoptek Cloud Assessment Service

  • With one report understand the best cloud provider based on cost and performance for your environment
  • Avoid guestimation of needed cloud resources, reducing costs significantly
  • Understand cloud “peak and valley” utilization precisely
  • Avoid performance degradations and unnecessary costs
  • Save time and resources by trying to assess all of your cloud instances internally
  • Reduce migration planning cycles by visibly seeing dependencies and shadow IT
  • Gain insight to application dependencies as all commands and web server requests are identified

Read more about our Cloud Assessment Service that will provide you the analytics to move forward knowing you are selecting the appropriate cloud vendors.


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