Is Managed Private Cloud Hosting Right for You?

  • February 18, 2020 - by Synoptek
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For modern enterprises of today, private cloud needs no introduction. It is a model of infrastructure that delivers dedicated cloud services to meet the needs of a single organization. This option allows organizations to leverage all the benefits of a public cloud – but with additional security, privacy, and customizability.

However, deploying and managing private cloud completely on its own can be a difficult exercise for an organization – therefore, of late, there has been massive buzz around “managed private cloud hosting”. Managed private cloud hosting allows an organization to enjoy the benefits of private cloud – without having to worry about its deployment, management, or infrastructure requirements.

To determine whether an organization would benefit from managed private hosting or not – it is important to consider the following aspects.

Dedicated Time and Resources for Cloud Maintenance

For private hosting managed in-house, organizations need dedicated system administrators. These administrators manage the capacity planning, compliance needs, scalability, and other aspects of the cloud. If the organization doesn’t already have this knowledge and capability in-house, it’s a better idea to invest in an experienced managed services provider than training the in-house resources from scratch.

Predictive Pricing and Steady Performance Under All Circumstances

With dedicated cloud, organizations can expect predictive pricing and performance even in peak times. This enables business continuity throughout the year. By involving an experienced managed services provider, organizations can also avail the best of infrastructure and continuous support that will add significant value to their operations. The managed services provider can continuously keep an eye on whether the organization’s cloud resources are being used to the fullest of its ability and suggest measures to keep unnecessary expenditure in check.

Complete Control Over the Cloud

The key benefit of an on-premises private cloud is data safety. Now – this is one feature offered through managed cloud hosting as well. In fact, in the case of managed cloud hosting, organizations can request their service providers for customizations as per their needs.

For example, if an organization wants to use a legacy system that might not be compatible with a public cloud while being difficult to maintain on-premises infrastructure, the service provider with its highly experienced resources can devise workarounds to meet this requirement. In the absence of a managed services provider and experienced in-house resources who have managed private cloud hosting in the past, addressing such customization requests becomes difficult and time consuming.

Stringent Regulatory Compliance Standard

With regulatory compliance requirements becoming stringent across industries, many organizations are finding it difficult to manage their growing needs with their in-house resources. All seasoned managed services providers are well-equipped with knowledge around how to maintain operational success of an organization while keeping security and regulatory compliance in mind. Experienced managed services providers also have defined and tested frameworks to help organizations achieve compliance, which ultimately makes the execution faster and easier.

In The End, It’s All About Needs and Expertise

Once an organization has meticulously thought through its business needs, priorities, and regulatory compliance requirements – it can conclusively comment on whether private cloud hosting is an option suited for its needs. For example, for organizations that deal with highly confidential information in an industry that’s high on regulatory compliance requirements – private cloud hosting is probably the only realistic option.

Another thing the organization must consider is – whether they have the in-house expertise and time to deploy and maintain the private cloud. If the answer is “no” – then the next step is to choose an experienced and trustworthy managed services provider.

Contracting a good managed services provider doesn’t only lift some or all cloud management obligations from the organization’s in-house resources – but also helps in implementing customization as well as processes such as build automation and database cloning that bring down cost while accelerating production speed.

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