Overcoming Enterprise Network Challenges with Managed Performance Hub

  • October 17 2017

Industry-leading companies face typical enterprise network challenges: Traditional carrier-centric network architectures simply can’t address enterprise performance, control, and cloud access issues when supporting multi-regionally dispersed end users. And that’s not all. In the areas of performance, visibility, costs, and access, there are many aspects the enterprise must tackle. 

 Enterprise network challenges  

Consider the case of Fusion, a market leader that connects customers and online retailers to highly optimized ancillary products in real-time. All Fusion software was developed using .NET technologies, so the company chose Microsoft Azure for its hosting services. As they expanded, however, it became obvious that the only way to improve performance was to establish more direct, reliable, efficient connections.  

 Their problem is not an isolated case. The challenges facing many enterprise networks include: 

  •  Performance — End users, regardless of location and device, demand the same high-quality user experience. A centralized hub-and-spoke model leads to inferior user experience for those in remote locations, far away from the centralized network.  
  • Visibility and control — Enterprises employing network service providers (NSPs) for their WAN architecture lack visibility into, and control of, how data is transported. The enterprise has no direct control to address performance issues or make adjustments to their network as needed. In addition, this setup lacks flexibility. 
  • Network costs — Vendor lock-in also leads to lack of control over network costs. Companies must deal with MPLS circuits and costs associated with managing them. And to ensure high performance for end users, enterprises are forced to deploy costly WAN optimization devices at each site to optimize traffic. 

Fusion turned to Synoptek and Equinix’s Managed Performance Hub to overcome the company’s network challenges and exceed their customers’ and partners’ expectations.  

 What is Managed Performance Hub? 

Managed Performance Hub lets enterprises extend their network to an Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) to improve WAN, application, and cloud performance while laying the foundation for a high-performance hybrid cloud implementation. This offering is an extension of your existing enterprise network that provides secure and reliable connectivity to network and cloud providers. In Managed Performance Hub implementations, rich, WAN-node extensions are deployed to gain proximity to networks, cloud service providers, and end users.  

 The ongoing benefits of Managed Performance Hub  

The Interconnection-Oriented Architecture (IOA) of Managed Performance Hub shortens the distance between systems, applications, and end users. This solution makes it easy to deploy a private cloud and securely and directly connect to public clouds via the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ or cross-connects. Managed Performance Hub allows you to simplify your network, giving you access to the cloud and the internet without forcing traffic through a limited number of locations. With direct connects, you can bypass the public internet entirely when accessing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.  

This offering delivers higher throughput and lower latency in a number of ways, including leveraging globally distributed Equinix IBX centers so that your applications deploy closer to your end users. With connectivity to more than 1,400 networks and more than 2,500 cloud and IT service providers, you can work with the providers you prefer and negotiate contracts that save you money. With a flatter network, you gain the agility, security, and visibility you need to overcome network challenges and take control of your business. 

 For companies with critical service delivery needs, Synoptek’s Managed Performance Hub provides the hardware, space, power, rack, cooling, secured devices, router, firewall, all the cross-connects, and everything in between in one easy-to-implement package. Learn more about this solution online or contact us today.  

 Learn more about the benefits of Managed Performance Hub, speak with Synoptek’s Cloud Architects today.

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