Workforce & Business Productivity Services

As organizations become increasingly global and teams get more and more distributed, establishing and sustaining workforce productivity has become critical to drive business results. Synoptek’s offers the perfect blend of Workforce Productivity Managed Services to meet the growing collaboration needs of the modern digital workforce.

Why Choose Synoptek’s Workforce Productivity Managed Services?

As a Global Managed Services Provider in the business for over two decades, we know what it takes to power business success: modern workplace infrastructure and tools that effectively integrate day-to-day technology, so employees can drive value in everything they do. Through our Workplace Productivity Managed Services, we give clients the power to integrate modern workplace tools into their office environments to maximize productivity and efficiency.

We offer a range of Workplace Productivity Managed Services that encompass every aspect of day-to-day working: from setting up a robust IT infrastructure to implementing tools for seamless real-time communication, managing and supporting the growing number of mobile devices to enabling remote desktop and teamwork – no matter what your requirement is, we can empower your teams to do their best by providing them with the right tools.

Synoptek’s Approach to Workforce Productivity Managed Services

Synoptek understands the impact a productive workforce can have on your bottom line; therefore, we give clients the ability to integrate consumer applications into their office environments. We strive to constantly assimilate new technologies into everyday operations, immediately giving you and your teams an edge. Using a tailored approach, we work hand-in-hand with your team to establish benchmarks for productivity, build a roadmap, and implement tools that best fit your workplace needs.

Once the tools are properly implemented and integrated, we drive constant efforts in optimizing them to maximize productivity. We also provide comprehensive IT training and support, so your employees understand the capabilities of modern workplace solutions and leverage every feature to the fullest for the best outcomes. Our Workplace Productivity Managed Services encompass an array of modern solutions including ITaaS User Services, Real-time Communications, Mobile Device Management, Remote Desktop as a Service, Teamwork as a Service, and Desktop as a Service.

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ITaaS User

Synoptek’s ITaaS User Service combines a robust, reliable IT infrastructure with proactive management capabilities and automated processes, so you can keep all your end-users, productive, protected, and efficient. We can manage your assets end-to-end, implement and manage anti-virus solutions, as well as implement and patch updates as needed to keep your end user devices up-to-date and protected. We can also provide a 24x7x365 Help Desk for around-the-clock support to end users.

Real-time Communications

Synoptek offers end-to-end Real-time Communications Services that allows end users to seamlessly connect with each other – irrespective of where they are located. We can take care of all your communication needs: whether you need to consolidate legacy voice infrastructure, implement modern VoIP systems, or consolidate your communications systems – we can provide a frictionless communication experience to perfectly fit your communication preferences.

Mobile Device Management

Synoptek offers a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution, so you can efficiently manage your workforce’s mobile devices, maximize productivity, and ensure secure enterprise access on the go. Our Mobile Device Management Services serve to protect and manage your corporate and personal devices: we can provision the required mobile software, set policies, as well as configure email, calendar, contacts, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles in order to quickly onboard users. We can also provide the required support services to help you manage your devices efficiently.

Remote Desktop as a Service

Synoptek’s Remote Desktop as a Service allows clients to extend remote access to the workforce in an efficient and secure manner. We use a tailor-made approach to assess your business needs and implement a best-fit remote desktop service that allows end users to securely access corporate workstations – from remote locations.

Teamwork as a Service

Synoptek’s Teamwork as a Service helps clients reach their desired outcomes through a unified digital workspace solution. Through proper management and governance, our experts help tailor your workspace to continuously align with your business objectives and support the overall adoption and long-term success of the platform. When fully enabled with a properly governed workspace, we can help your workforce maximize their productivity with a best-fit balance between accessibility and confidentiality.

Desktop as a Service

Synoptek’s Desktop as a Service empowers your workforce with a powerful virtual desktop infrastructure custom fit to your business’ objectives and needs. Our team of world-class experts will handle your infrastructure for you, helping you scale up and down to your workforce’s needs and your teams to focus on business and results.

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