Analysis and Evaluation

Partnering with the best technologies to accelerate your business development.

Synoptek regularly adds partner value by launching new capabilities and new services through a service development life cycle process. This approach takes an idea from conception to launch. Much like modern SaaS products, this development process is designed in response to rapid market changes and customer feedback. This type of design enables Synoptek to continuously deliver improved service capabilities and services to our end customers.

Our approach starts with the analysis and evaluation of our potential partner’s current state, resources, and benefits. Once we understand the customer’s offering, we evaluate how their idea converts improved IT security, ROI, or other benefits to business results. We then define the offering before it is launched. This includes discussing its potential uses, determining our requirements for service development, and running it through a beta qualification to make sure it adheres to our standard prior to launch. After service delivery, we continuously perform background improvements to upgrade service levels, add new capabilities, and streamline manual processes.