Toy Retailer Takes a Big Step Forward by Transforming Business with Magento Development and Effective E-commerce Design

Customer: Fantasy World ToysProfile: Fantasy World Toys is a retail chain of children’s toy stores and the retail division of Safari House General Trading Co. (SHGT)

Services: Magento e-commerce

Size: 201-500 employees
Region: Kuwait

Business Need

Fantasy World is an upscale retailer of children’s toys specializing in imports from the United States, Europe, and East Asia. They have multiple stores across Kuwait as well as several warehouses and distribution centers. They also manage a corporate website designed to showcase their broad range of internationally reputed toy brands and products.

With in-store selling, enhancing the brand’s awareness and increasing their reachability was limited. To better market their toy products and enable customers to buy online, Fantasy wanted to develop an e-commerce store. They wanted to provide an intuitive, easy, and comprehensive online shopping experience to their customers through features like secure shopping cart, order tracking, and billing and shipping integration, with hassle free content management at the backend.

In addition to the above, Fantasy had two major requirements. They wanted to integrate the ecommerce website with their existing Microsoft Dynamics AX system. The idea was to monitor and maintain one system instead of multiple systems to manage inventory updates, products, and customer information. The other major requirement was to develop a customized web portal that was responsive and followed the same theme of their existing corporate website.

Synoptek (formerly Indusa) helped Fantasy reimplement their Dynamics AX solution, which in-turn helped them enhance their business processes and
increase sales and have been working closely with them on various digital strategies since.

Fantasy approached Synoptek with their e-commerce website requirements. Analyzing their specific needs and evaluating various e-commerce technologies that best fit them, Synoptek came up with the suggestion of building the e-commerce store using Magento 2.1 (Community Edition).

Fantasy engaged Synoptek as their preferred technology partner to execute the e-commerce project.

Solution and Approach

Synoptek developed a fully-featured and engaging Magento based B2C e-commerce store for Fantasy, which provides an improved shopping experience to their customers.

The e-commerce website has customized forms, filters, and modules built based on the requirements of Fantasy. It follows the same theme of their existing corporate website. A responsive website was built for an enhanced user experience to customers who wanted to access it via mobile phones and tablets.

Solution Highlights:

  • Magento custom theme development:
    The e-commerce website was developed on custom Magento theme based on the requirements of Fantasy. It has customized forms, filters, and modules, and follows the same theme of their existing corporate website. Furthermore, the website is fluid responsive to provide an enhanced user experience to customers who want to access it via any device.
  • SVG support:
    Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) was used to create the images, icons, and banners required for the website. This makes them fully scalable for zooming and panning.
  • Marketplace support with Arabic RTL (Right to Left):
    Fantasy’s primary concern was the support of Arabic language in the website. To address this, Synoptek implemented Magento Marketplace RTL (Right to Left). For the Arabic view, users need to change the store view from English to Arabic. After reloading the page, the user has the Arabic view.
  • Mega-menu implementation:
    The website consists of a mega-menu that allows both the user and administrator manage and display information, thereby optimizing the navigation performance.
  • Customized sections: 
    Synoptek developed customized and eye catchy sections, which include ‘New products’, ‘Hot Sellers’, and a ‘Featured Collection’.
  • Gift finder:
    As per the requirement of Fantasy, Synoptek developed a functionality that allowed the customer to automatically find gifts or desired products based on filters provided – color, age group, and gender and use the filter to display the desired products.
  • Delivery method:
    At the time of checkout, the customer can choose between ‘home delivery’ to ship the product to the customer’s address and ‘click and collect’ to collect the order from a specific store, by allowing the customer to locate and select the desired store to collect the order personally.
  • Dynamics AX integration:
    Synoptek performed seamless integration between the Magento website and Fantasy’s existing Dynamics AX system, such that the user/admin can communicate with the AX system in real-time and manage all operations from one platform. This includes customer information, products, inventory updates, and sales orders.
  • Microsoft Azure configuration:
    Synoptek, with its cloud expert team, performed Azure cloud configurations in order to improve the performance of the ecommerce website.
  • Multi-language support: 
    The e-commerce site supports two languages with English being the default and the ability to switch the site to Arabic language.
  • Payment: 
    Allows customers to pay for the order via debit card, credit card, and cash on delivery; Magento 2 Knet payment was implemented to accept credit card payments in Magento through KNET Payment Gateway.

Business Results

Fantasy’s move to develop a responsive, e-commerce website enabled them to offer their customers a rich and engaging experience across all devices.

The sleek user interface of the e-commerce website ensures that users are offered with a seamless and smart experience from start to finish.

The use of fluid responsiveness and SVG ensures that the website offers a hassle free experience to users. Images, icons, and banners are developed to be stretched and compressed without losing the quality and they don’t look blur on devices with high pixel density. The website is relevant for any type of device and browser.

Customers have the flexibility to select individual products or a package that is pre-defined; they now have all of their favorite branded toy products at their disposal.

With search by product and type, price, date, and chronological sorting, an intuitive shopping cart, an easy checkout process, and an order ID based order tracking, the e-commerce website offers a smooth and seamless shopping experience to Fantasy’s customers.

With the gift finder functionality, the e-commerce website offers customers the luxury of filtering. This helps them narrow down choices based on their preferences.

The e-commerce website offers an easy to use back end content management system that allows Fantasy staff to efficiently manage it.

Magento – Dynamics AX integration:

  • Customer information can be accessed quickly, which enables easy pricing, order fulfillment, and customer service.
  • Product update is automatically reflected across the Dynamics AX ERP or Magento platform when the other system is updated; new product additions are also reflected across the other system, which allows Fantasy to start selling without any delay.
  • Inventory level is automatically updated, regardless of the origin of the sale; this enables Fantasy to ensure accurate inventory count.
  • All orders are automatically synced between the Dynamics AX and Magento website. This not only enables Fantasy to scale business by further automating the order fulfillment process, but also provides their customers a superior shopping experience.

Fantasy’s decision to invest in online business has proved to be a major contributor to the brand’s popularity. By improving and optimizing the online shopping experience with the implementation of an efficient and scalable technology solution, Magento, Fantasy is paving the way for multi-channel growth.

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