Risk Management: Availability and Data Protection Assessment

Businesses are increasingly dependent on information services and technology for their critical operations and data.  The cost of a security breach, downtime or data loss can be massive.  These events are still common occurrences if you are not proactively assessing your risks and taking the right level of corrective action. Synoptek’s risk assessment services ensure that you are informed and aware of the options available to you and their costs. Then you can decide the right level of protection for your business.

Data loss, natural disasters, human error, and botched updates are just a handful of ways otherwise successful business get thrown into turmoil.

We help you build bullet-proof business continuity plans and processes with the right capabilities to resume operations as quickly as possible.

We reverse-engineer your systems to identify vulnerabilities, develop the necessary redundancies and create the safety-nets you need to protect and recover your systems—all in alignment with your own individual risk tolerance.

Let us protect your data and establish continuity plans to protect your operations.