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Case Studies - Synoptek’s IT Success Stories

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Synoptek Helps Westlake Hospital Modernize Network Infrastructure to Cater to the Slew of New COVID-19 Cases

Synoptek’s long-standing experience in helping organizations quickly deal with calamities across floods, fires, and system outages greatly helped in setting up the network infrastructure for Westlake Hospital. By modernizing the network infrastructure, Synoptek enabled the hospital to efficiently deal with a pandemic of this scale while providing immediate care to Coronavirus patients.

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Insights - Synoptek’s Resources

Featured Insight

Accelerate Supply Chain Efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Your Wire and Cable Company

by Synoptek

Given the many inventory and supply chain challenges affecting the Wire and Cable industry, an industry specific Dynamics 365 solution can improve visibility, enhance planning, optimize inventory, and enable efficient management of resources.

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Other recent Insights

M&A Playbook – 5 Tips on How Private Equity Can Use Technology to Drive Value

by Synoptek

With technology accounting for half the total cost of integration, proper assessment and due diligence is critical to unlock value, create a digital-first culture, assess and manage risk, and optimize technology investment.

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BetaNews: Microsoft Inspire Key Takeaways

by D. White and A. Nandwana

At Inspire 2020, Microsoft talked about several major developments that are underway: as technology consumption will continue to grow, companies need to carefully determine what to rebuild, reimagine, or leave behind. It also announced several updates to its existing tech stack, including launching of a Together Mode feature in Teams as well as additional Azure Stack HCI and Azure Migrate Enhancements.

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Enhance Your ERP System by Integrating Business Intelligence

by Synoptek

To make faster, more-informed, data-driven decisions, organizations need to determine the right BI integration strategy and unlock analysis and visualization capability to unearth value from growing volumes of data and drive faster value.

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IT Cost Optimization – How to do it Successfully and Continuously

by Synoptek

The right approach to IT cost optimization can not only help identify systems and assets that are no longer worth the money, but also help in eliminating low-value tools and processes.

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