Case Study

Mobile App Enables a Healthcare Service Provider to Offer Round the Clock Health Monitoring to Patients

Customer: A non-profit integrated healthcare service provider. Profile: The integrated healthcare service provider group includes community and specialty hospitals, a health insurance plan, a physician network, community health centers, home care and long-term care services, and other health care entities.

Services: Business Application Development

Size: 10,001+
Region: Boston, Massachusetts
Industry: Healthcare

Business Need

The healthcare client deals with patients that need constant monitoring of their health condition to receive quality care and timely medical intervention.

The client’s immediate requirement was to devise a mechanism to generate alerts if a patient’s blood glucose levels, blood pressure, pulse, and fitness-related activities reflected anything adverse. This was to be based on pre-set thresholds and parameters, so they could immediately provide necessary care to the patient.

The client reached out to Synoptek to develop a custom application that can be installed on patients’ mobile devices to enable continuous flow of information to the healthcare service provider.

Solution and Approach

To meet the client’s requirement, Synoptek began the engagement by understanding their existing pain points, carefully evaluating its mechanism to access and record patients’ data, and then making an assessment of the challenges.

Based on the client’s requirements and our assessment, we developed a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) mobile application. The RPM application is compatible for both iOS and Android operating systems.

  • The RPM application enables patients to capture data from their health monitoring and tracking devices and relay them to hospitals that hold their Electronic Health Records (EHRs) via their mobile phones.
  • It relays information on blood glucose levels, blood pressure, pulse and fitness-related activities ­– keeping the healthcare providers constantly apprised on patients’ health condition.
  • The application sends immediate alerts to the healthcare provider if a patient’s data deviates from the normal parameters.

In addition, Synoptek integrated the RPM application with a third-party data connectivity solution that provides an integration framework for this application to synchronize with health-tech wearables.

In order to make implementation of the RPM application easier at the client’s end, Synoptek also developed a middleware application that allows the client to:

  • Enroll patients in the RPMs application
  • List the devices configured with the application

Business Results

With Synoptek’s custom-developed RPM application, the integrated healthcare service provider group has been able to ensure:

  • Patients in its network:
    • Better access to healthcare
    • Improved quality of care
    • Improved support, education, and feedback
  • Healthcare providers in its network:
    • Better patient care through constant monitoring
    • Potentially lower Emergency Room (ER) visits and lower admission rates
    • Better capacity to treat more patients
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