SharePoint Development Services Help a Leading Textile Company Streamline the IT Investment Application Process

April 30, 2020 - by Synoptek

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Customer: A leading manufacturer and exporter of cotton textileProfile: A leading manufacturer and exporter of cotton textile known for manufacturing cotton shirting, denim, knits and bottom weight fabrics.

Services: SharePoint Development

Size: 10,001+ employees
Region: Gujarat, India
Industry: Apparel and Fashion

Business Need

The textile manufacturer wanted to develop an Income Tax (IT) investment application to eliminate the manual effort required by employees and the finance (administration) team in managing the IT investment process.

Before the application was developed, all documentation related to IT investment was manually managed and uploaded on Oracle (application used for salary processing) against each employee’s record.

To automate the IT investment process end to end, the client also wanted to integrate the new IT investment application with Oracle.

Solution and Approach

To understand the client’s requirement in a comprehensive manner, Synoptek began the engagement by carefully evaluating its existing IT investment process – which was completely manual.

Based on the client’s requirements and Synoptek’s assessment of the client’s challenges, Synoptek developed a SharePoint portal to handle the IT investment process end-to-end from the employee as well as the employer’s end.

The SharePoint portal has an intuitive user interface and is designed to simplify the IT investment process. Using the SharePoint portal, employees can manage and track their investment records from a single portal. In addition, employees can easily:

  • Add new investment sections as and when they wish.
  • Upload all investment proofs in the corresponding investment sections.

The SharePoint portal is equipped to automatically fetch employee records relevant for the IT investment process from the client’s intranet to ensure employees don’t have to re-enter the same data in multiple applications. It is also designed to carry forward an employee’s investment sections from the past year to the next year so that employees don’t have to create the sections again.

The portal has a built-in search feature that allows employees to search any information related to IT investment policies, best practices, and associated documentation.

The SharePoint portal enables the finance team to manage the IT investment process faster and in a hassle-free manner. Using the SharePoint portal, the finance team can verify the IT investment details provided by employees and correct discrepancies, if any.

The team no more has to deal with hard copies of employees’ investment proofs and other associated IT investment documentation. The portal enables the team to:

  • Fill IT investment details on behalf of an employee, if needed.
  • Manage an employee’s IT investment record when the employee is moved to a different team/vertical within the organization.
  • Approve/reject future IT investment declarations in bulk.
  • Send notification(s) to the employee(s) for validation of data – in case of a query.
  • Make global edits to investment sections when a new policy that is applicable to all employees comes into effect.
  • Define the time period during which the IT investment process needs to be completed by all employees and disable any action after the defined time frame.

The SharePoint portal is also equipped to automatically push all relevant data into Oracle. Another customized feature in the SharePoint portal is to send out automatic notifications to employees, by looking at their past records, to complete the IT investment process by the defined date. However, both these actions can also be scheduled by the finance team for a specified date and time – in case such flexibility is needed.

Business Results

With Synoptek’s IT investment application, the client has been able to:

  • Standardize the existing IT investment process across the organization.
  • Provide its employees with a flexible and intuitive mechanism to manage IT investment records on their own.
  • Enable employees to leverage the knowledge base related to IT investment process using the built-in search feature.
  • Reduce manual work for both employees and the finance team during the IT investment process – even in case of employee’s transfer and relocation.
  • Eliminate risks and hassles associated with a manual documentation process.
  • Fulfil regulatory compliance by bringing in end-to-end data traceability.
  • Move a step closer to reduce paper consumption and contribute toward reducing carbon footprint.
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