Faq : Managed Services

What are Managed Cloud Services?


Managed cloud services mean the management and control of a client’s cloud platform. This may include maintenance, migration, and optimization of the cloud platform. A firm with no or limited specialized workforce to manage its cloud can ensure optimal productivity from its cloud resources by leveraging a Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP). An expert Cloud MSP can help its client quickly reduce 30%-50% TCO with its cloud optimization exercise​. With managed cloud services, companies can leverage end-to-end services for their public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Managed Cloud Services Benefits

Organizations that envision a technology-centric future and want to transform their businesses using IT as a catalyst should work with a knowledgeable and competent Cloud MSP.

The following are the top advantages of working with a Cloud MSP:

  1. Expertise available on-demand: You get on-demand access to experienced and skilled professionals with deep domain knowledge. These experts then provide timely strategic consultation and implement a proven set of processes to help you reach your goal.
  2. Exceptional cost-savings: When you choose a Cloud MSP, you don’t have to invest time and money in looking for professional cloud-skilled talent, hiring, and upskilling them.
  3. Business resilience and agility: You may achieve high levels of business agility and resilience by working with a cloud MSP. Since the MSP typically has a solid network infrastructure with round-the-clock management, you can count on them to monitor, scan, and upgrade your ecosystem.
  4. Support for cybersecurity: Since the MSP has a complete understanding of your cloud infrastructure and has up-to-date information on current threats, you can be rest assured that the risk of sensitive and vital data being stolen by hackers and other cybercriminals is minimal.

Working with a Managed Cloud Service Provider

Business expansion today necessitates the use of cloud computing. However, to get optimal services from the MSP, you must:

  1. Choose the right vendor with proven expertise in your industry vertical
  2. Ensure that the chosen MSP has enough resources to scale your environment and provide 24×7 support
  3. Collaborate with the MSP at each step of your cloud journey

Why Consider Synoptek as a Managed Cloud Services Provider

Security, privacy concerns, and short/long-term functionality which might prevent hyperscale cloud adoption, are addressed and solved by Synoptek’s managed cloud services. Our managed cloud services are one of the best solutions available in the independent cloud services sector – ideal for enterprises looking for a completely trouble-free and safe cloud experience.

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Whether your business is thinking of making the leap to the cloud or your journey has already begun, Synoptek’s Cloud Strategy Consulting Services can help