Synoptek's Leadership

Meet the Synoptek Team


Our journey began with a simple, yet inspired belief that technology can enable bigger results for those that are willing to change. Since day one, we have been determined to make this vision a reality without fail, always seeking new ways to transform business using information technology and advanced digital solutions.

Here we stand some 20 years later, a full-suite technology firm, loyal to our commitment, and true to our word. We care about what we do and the difference we make, and this personal responsibility will live through Synoptek as long as we have customers willing to challenge the status quo with us.

Executive Leadership


Tim Becker
Vice President, Business Enablement

Tim Becker is Vice President, Architecture and Deployment at Synoptek. As a senior technology executive with 30 years of experience, Tim has constantly demonstrated the ability to create sustainable competitive advantages for businesses through innovative solutions, process change, and effective leadership. As an IT strategist and change evangelist, he has successfully established initiatives that have positively impacted the IT and business strategy of every organization he has been a part of.

Stephen Currie
Vice President, Support Operations

Stephen Currie is Vice President, Operations at Synoptek. Over the course of 23 years, he has held a variety of roles in the technology space and has extensive experience in Cloud Hosting, Networking, Security, Application Management, Workforce Productivity, Global Operations and IT Service Management. His main focus is using technology to enable customer success.

Jeff Green
Director, Contracts

Jeff Green is Contracts Director at Synoptek. As an experienced contract management and negotiation professional with over 30 years in the industry, Jeff has a proven track record of successfully negotiating profitable strategic relationships with customers, partners and vendors in the information technology and aerospace industries. He possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience drafting and negotiating various forms of agreements, including customer, vendor, reseller, and referral as well as cloud-based SaaS, professional services, software license and non-disclosure agreements.

Jitendra Jani
VP of International Sales

Jitendra Jani is VP, International Sales at Synoptek. He has over 33 years of experience in the IT/Software Industry, with aptitude across Sales Strategy, Business Strategy, Account Management, Business Development, Contract Negotiations, Sales Closures, and more, He believes in dealing and resolving problems through consensus and has a strong commitment to the purpose of the organization.

Darshan Kamdar
VP of International Finance

Darshan Kamdar is VP, International Finance at Synoptek. Darshan brings with him over 26 years of experience in financial planning, tracking cash flows, and analyzing financial strengths and weaknesses. His skills and experience across Accounting, Analytics, Reporting, Statutory Compliance, Legal, and Risk Management have enable him to efficiently lead, direct, and manage the financial aspects of the company while providing strategic recommendations as and when needed.

Joey Lei
Director, Service Development and Management

Joey Lei is Director, Service Management at Synoptek. With over 14 years of experience in Engineering and Product Management, Joey is responsible for development and growth of the Synoptek Service Portfolio as well as solution development with strategic technology alliance partners. His generalist business acumen and technical software background allow him to drive business strategy and execute solutions that solve customer priorities up and down the technology stack.

Vanessa Novak
Corporate Counsel

Vanessa Novak is Synoptek’s in-house Corporate Counsel. With over 12 years of licensed legal practice, Vanessa brings her experience and talents to Synoptek to lead its legal department, collaborate across all teams of Synoptek’s management, and advise its corporate officers in best Business Practices, Joint Ventures, Operations, Compliance, Security, Finance, and Risk Management. Results-driven, Vanessa combines her legal aptitude with her entrepreneurial spirit to develop successful business solutions for Synoptek.

Morgann Walker
Corporate Controller

Morgann Walker is Corporate Controller at Synoptek. Morgann has 12 years of experience in the realm of auditing and accounting and is licensed as a certified public accountant. Morgann has played an instrumental role in establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures, thereby guiding financial decisions and protecting organizational assets and IP. Morgann has led successful integrations of three acquisitions and is responsible for financial statement audits and preparation of corporate tax returns.