Chances are you’re here because the status quo just doesn’t cut it. Or maybe you’re here simply seeking that next great career adventure. Regardless, we’re glad you are! At Synoptek we are always on the lookout for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a growth-oriented mindset. We recognize the key to executing world-class performance is tied directly to our ability to engage the brightest, and most passionate employees we can find.

Synoptek's Culture

At Synoptek, we are visionaries on and off the clock. Stop by any day of the week and chances are you’ll find us celebrating a recent win over a pint, competing in softball games, or hungrily hovering around the break room waffle maker. With offices spanning the United States, Canada and India, our employee events, shared projects and sense of team bring us together to create a unique culture. This culture is key to our DNA and to our ability to deliver success for ourselves, and the clients we support. When you peel back the layers, it really comes down to two things: boundless opportunity, and extraordinary people.

A Few of Synoptek’s Office Perks:

  • High growth environment
  • Collaborative work spaces
  • Happy Hours
  • Snacks
  • Team sporting events
  • Challenging and empowering atmosphere


For us, taking care of our people is about making sure they can show up for work every day, with less stress, and more support. That’s why we make it a priority to provide an array of medical benefit plans, short and long-term disability, retirement planning, stellar PTO, employee assistance programs, sponsored legal benefits, and a casual work environment. How’s that for a little TLC?

Health Insurance

Synoptek offers a variety of healthcare options for our employees across the US and international. With medical, dental, and vision insurance offered, our employees have access to benefits for themselves, as well as their family, under our company sponsored plans. For those that choose to take advantage of Health Insurance options, Synoptek makes a significant contribution to help cover the cost of medical premiums.


Synoptek provides a robust vacation plan, so that every employee has the opportunity to take full advantage of all the time offered to them. These days can be used for vacation, me time, or sick days.


Synoptek understands that planning for the future is an important decision when considering any employer. Synoptek offers its employees a very competitive retirement plan with a variety of different investment options, and a company matching program.

Life Insurance/Short term disability/Long term disability

Synoptek covers premiums for all. Covered, covered, and covered.


We are passionate about professional and personal development at Synoptek. There is nothing (outside of fried chicken, three-day weekends, and a lottery win) that makes us happier than seeing employees grow their careers at Synoptek. Synoptek has promoted more than 50 employees over the course of the last 12 months alone. We host nationwide training, and team-building events where our people learn and play together, bridging the gap between locations, and simply getting to know what makes each other tick. We also invest heavily in ensuring our employees are ahead of the curve, when it comes to the ever-evolving IT landscape by paying for learning boot camps, certifications, material, and testing fees. Icing on the cake? Bonuses tied to certifications!

Annual training opportunities include:

Travel and Train

Synoptek hosts a Travel and Train event twice, annually. During these events, we take a group of employees someplace really cool to learn about something new. It’s an awesome opportunity to play together, learn together, and bridge the gap between locations and cultures. Our most recent adventures include:

  • AWS Travel & Train: Hosted in Denver, CO
  • Dell Compellent Travel & Train: Hosted on Whidbey Island off the coast of Washington State
  • JAMF CCT Travel & Train: Hosted at Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, CO
  • ITIL Foundations Travel & Train: Hosted beachside in Ocean Beach, CA

A quarterly event taking place in a sweet location, bringing together an eclectic mix of new hires and more tenured employees to participate in a four day nitty-gritty intensive internal development program covering all things Synoptek.

DiscoverIT: College Recruiting

At Synoptek, we are always looking for fresh perspectives and interesting teammates. That’s why we created DiscoverIT – a program designed for recent college grads. In this program, employees go through a structured and rigorous six-month onboarding program involving training in technology, project management, ITIL, security, and leadership. Hires engage with a wide-range of clients, and gain exposure in consulting, management, and technology best practices. Bring your A-game, and get ready to dive in. It’s intense and totally worth it.

What Makes Synoptek Great?

Bridget T
Sr. Project Manager

The opportunity to find your own path is what makes this company special. Do you want to focus on one technology? Do you enjoy Linux? Do you want to run an office, or a team? You can do all of that here. The best memories I have at Synoptek surround the camaraderie of people - not necessarily working, but simply spending time together.

Parth Jani
Lead Business Analyst

With core values of value-driven solutions, Synoptek provides a perfect platform to follow my ardor for technology. With a diversified client portfolio, every new assignment motivates new ideas, and brings opportunity to build state of the art solutions. It empowers me to be part of the league, making human life easier every day. What else does a happy business analyst need!

Sarah Jackson
HR Business Partner

I love working for Synoptek because their corporate values so closely match my own so it feels like a natural fit. Having spent the bulk of my career in large organizations Synoptek, as a smaller organization, has been paradigm changing for me because they don’t have the massive hierarchy and bureaucracy so the opportunity to present new ideas and actually have them not just listened to by the decision makers but for decisions to be made in very short periods of time. Synoptek really makes me feel like I am making a huge difference.

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