Synoptek Instrumental in Timely Data Center Migrations Prior to Hurricane Irma

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Synoptek Migrates Customers to Microsoft Azure Ahead of the Storm

IRVINE, CA – January 24, 2018 – Synoptek LLC, worldwide IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) and cloud services company, seamlessly migrated customers from its Miami data center to Microsoft Azure before devastating Hurricane, Irma, made landfall in September 2017. Synoptek took a strategic approach in assessing the geographic risk levels at this location and making timely recommendations to the vast number of customers hosted in this full-scale data center location.

The Synoptek strategy involved meeting with each South Florida-based customer to discuss options. The customers were offered a free migration to a “hyperscale”cloud provider, Microsoft Azure, if they wanted to mitigate the potential risks of running their data systems in a geography with a propensity for natural disasters such as hurricanes. Due to Synoptek’s expertise with Azure planning, migration, and management, most customers chose to migrate to Microsoft Azure. This well-timed migration mitigated the potential risks of business downtime and data loss caused by Category 5 level Hurricane, Irma.

To learn more about the data center migrations to Azure, read the Case Study.

Synoptek’s Strong Relationship with Microsoft Azure

The Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is based on Microsoft-selected partners like Synoptek to build scalable cloud-based solutions for customers. They expect partners with a large enough customer base for them to realize the benefits of the Azure platform and to offer end-to-end ownership of customer relationships and product lifecycles. The Azure CSP product portfolio includes: Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and a number of other Microsoft online services.

“At Synoptek, we aim to provide services the market demands, and Microsoft invests in our growth with the Azure CSP program,”says CEO Tim Britt. “Microsoft has provided both technical and financial assistance that benefits our customers, and we are pleased to have this opportunity to reduce customer risks and at the same time enhance our relationships with leading industry partners.”Miles Feinberg, VP of Service Development at Synoptek,went on to say,“Our partnership with Microsoft for the Azure CSP program made the business case to migrate our Miami data center customers an effective and invaluable choice.”

The Microsoft Partner Network, as part of their One Commercial Partner operating model, made a number of partner predictions for 2018. Mark Rice, General Manager of Partner Development, noted:“MSPs will have more opportunities to deliver services such as provisioning, management, monitoring, security, governance, and optimization. By investing in automation and cloud tooling and being proficient at cloud infrastructure management, partners offering managed services may be able to increase their margins. Microsoft recognizes Synoptek’s ambition in this area.”

Cloud adoption is rising to become the most significant element in a progressive firm’s business strategy. Synoptek’s proven Managed Cloud and Migration Services in this case have shown to maximize the value of cloud investment and minimize the risks of poorly planned cloud migration. Synoptek’s consultative approach helps enterprises choose the right cloud strategy that aligns with their business needs. In 2017, Synoptek was recognized for its enhanced cloud service delivery as the #11 Cloud Services Provider in the United States.

For more information about Synoptek’s managed IT and cloud services or the company in general, Contact Synoptek.

About Synoptek

Synoptek provides information technology management services, consulting and IT leadership to organizations worldwide. The firm manages and operates IT infrastructure with 24/7 operations, automated toolsets, and highly skilled technologists. Synoptek is headquartered in Irvine, California, with business operations in San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Boise, Denver, Boston, New York, Raleigh, Miami, and New Brunswick Canada. Synoptek has been repeatedly recognized as one of the Top 100 Cloud Services Providers by Talkin’Cloud and one of the Top Managed Services Providers by MSPMentor, among other honors from Inc. Magazine, Deloitte and more.

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