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Why You Need Managed Cloud Services

Investing in managed cloud services means more than just a hyperscale cloud benefit for your company. Partnering with the right managed service provider (MSP) will not only help keep your infrastructure secure, but it will also help you optimize costs and save your company time. This will allow you to place more focus on operational outcomes.

Synoptek’s managed cloud services address short- and long-term functionality, security, and privacy concerns that might otherwise be a barrier to adopting a hyperscale cloud. 

Why Choose Synoptek as a Managed Cloud Service Provider?

Leading hyperscale cloud services such as AWS or Azure provide excellent, flexible, thoroughly modern enterprise-grade platforms with a comprehensive range of features and benefits. These platforms get the job done for a great number of users. Still,  however, these mega-platforms cannot provide the kind of close monitoring and management that certain organizations require.

For these users, a better option may be managed private cloud services, which offer an elevated level of service and greatly enhanced security. 

Our Managed Cloud Services 

As a core part of our business, Synoptek managed cloud services represent the very best solution available in the independent cloud services industry — ideal for those businesses desiring a truly trouble-free and secure cloud experience. This service provides an alternative to Microsoft Azure and AWS, without sacrificing any of the flexibility, ease, or functionality.

We also handle the compliance certifications that hyperscale providers simply will not, all done with an ease that only a fully managed platform with expert oversight and private service can achieve.

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