Tableau Consulting

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, unearthing insights from the ever-evolving volume of data has become extremely important. Data Visualization tool Tableau helps businesses aggregate data from across the organization and build reports using simple drag and drop features. Synoptek provides an array of Tableau implementation and support services to guide you on your Tableau journey, so you can leverage best practices, avoid common pitfalls, and reach your analytics goals faster.

Why Choose Synoptek for Tableau Services?

As a Data Insights Services Provider, Synoptek has substantial experience in a range of BI and Data Visualization technologies. We have been providing a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of BI services to customers across industries and have created over 5000 reports and dashboards in different visualization tools. We have created data warehouses with hundreds of terabytes of data and have developed and defined over 1000 KPIs for our clients.

Synoptek understands how important metrics are to enable accurate decision-making; therefore, our qualified and experience data analysts and BI experts provide a range of Tableau services using common data definitions to improve operational efficiency, enable better planning and budget, and pave the way for a better analytics strategy and eventually higher growth. Through our Tableau services, we help improve analytics maturity to provide a stronger competitive position while opening doors to improve revenue and efficiencies.

Synoptek’s Approach to Tableau

Whether you want us to implement Tableau, maintain and support your existing Tableau reports, or develop new reports within Tableau to keep up with new business requirements – we can do it all. We help to integrate an infinite amount of datapoints for analysis and offer comprehensive support options; we can also create innovative visualizations and embed dashboard into existing business applications. Our qualified data experts have substantial experience across Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, various databases, and can help you get the insights you need across your enterprise.

We know how important is it to have the right BI strategy in place; through careful assessment and planning, we can help develop the right BI strategy while providing recommendations on the best reports and dashboards you need to unearth actional insight. Using Tableau, we can help build appealing yet functional data visualizations, so your analysts can spot business trends easily. We can integrate data from numerous data sources and enable self-service dashboards and reports that are highly interactive.

Contact a Tableau Expert

Through our Tableau services, we can empower your analysts to create a culture of visual analytics across the organization. We make it easy for you to handle large volumes of data and unearth insights in real-time. We offer the right mix of implementation, consulting, and support services to meet unique needs and set your team up for success.

Using Tableau, we pave the way for well-designed data visualizations that can make a big impact in uncovering trends and patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. Through dynamic reports and dashboards, we can make it easy for you to understand your audience, keep pace with changing trends, find anomalies in existing processes, and take calculated risks to improve competitive position.

Our Key Tableau Services Include:

  • Tableau Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Requirements Identification
  • Data Integration
  • Report Development
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Self-service Reporting

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