Workforce Productivity

Besides working on background infrastructure to power your business success, we also focus on end-user solutions to effectively integrate day-to-day technology.
We train teams to assimilate new technologies into everyday operations, immediately giving companies an edge. Through our extensive expertise, we give corporations the ability to integrate consumer applications into their office environments.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to establish benchmarks for productivity, then target specific areas of your business to guarantee proper integration for the workplace.

Once these benchmarks are in place, we partner with your teams to determine how to best optimize end-point solutions to maximize productivity.

Enable your teams to do what they do best by providing them with the right tools for the job today. Let us take care of the rest.

At Synoptek, we provide the IT training and support needed to power your workforce. Besides working on background infrastructure to drive business success, we also focus on end-user solutions to effectively integrate day-to-day technology.

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Synoptek provides the following Workforce Productivity Services:

Strategic Workforce Planning

Synoptek works to improve your business’s overall outcomes providing your team with the IT tools and resources to increase employee satisfaction and maximize productivity.

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Distributed Endpoint Management

Synoptek’s endpoint services and in-depth support help you build a distributed workforce to do work anytime, anywhere.

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Digital Workplace Services

Communicate, collaborate, create better outcomes. Bring your siloed workforce back together.

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Real-Time Communication Services

Synoptek brings years of experience and focus on end-to-end services at availability levels of 99.999% as we know that communications downtime has a real impact to business operations.

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Featured case study

Motor Manufacturer Improves Flexibility, Reduces Costs, and Enhances User Experience with Office 365 Migration

By switching from SharePoint licensing scheme to the O365 scheme, the client has considerably reduced IT costs (cost of in-house hardware and associated power and back up costs) and is able to take advantage of business specific features offered by O365.

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