Case Study: Workforce Productivity

Microsoft Teams Phone System Implementation Helps a Furniture Manufacturing Firm to Unify and Expand External Communication Capabilities

Customer: A privately held furniture manufacturer with U.S. headquarters in Marlton, New Jersey that provides customer care on a global scale. Profile: The group originated in 1966 with the vision of manufacturing well-made office furniture at affordable prices through a world-wide network of suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.
Industry: Manufacturing
Services: Microsoft Teams Phone System, Five9 Contact Center, Five9 Technical Account Management Services

Business Need

The furniture manufacturer relied on the same communication platform and carrier for over 10 years. Over time, the organization increasingly experienced connection issues that negatively impacted internal and external communication capabilities.

Lacking support from an outdated platform, the rapidly growing organization was unable to expand and unify its communication network. After the COVID-19 pandemic propelled the customer service industry into a new space, it became clear to the organization that it was time to make a transformative change.

“We had so many issues with our former platform and carrier for the better part of a year. We were constantly having dropped calls and poor audio issues until we said enough is enough. We have got to make a change. That’s what drove us to Teams and Five9.”
– Edward A – Director of IT

Customer’s Challenge

The manufacturer’s initial apprehension to migrate was rooted in upfront costs, user adaptability, and transitional nuisances.

Prior to the transition, remote employees at customer care groups throughout the country operated without a uniform platform. The organization’s previous platform was too unreliable to justify expansion. Consequently, many employees were already utilizing Microsoft products for company communications.

Frustrated with their manufacturer, the manufacturer sought support and advice from their Managed Service Provider, Synoptek.

Synoptek’s Solution:

Synoptek recommended and enabled Microsoft Teams for general telephony and Five9 Contact Center with the primary goal of establishing unified platforms that allow for increased user volume and dependable connection. According to the manufacturer’s IT Team, the migration to Teams and Five9 went “very smoothly” and “happened pretty quickly.”

The implementation of Microsoft Teams enabled the manufacturer to consolidate communication efforts between 200+ onsite and remote employees. “Teams integrates so well with all the other Microsoft products. It made sense to leverage those synergies and have a singular platform,” said Edward.

Five9’s contact center solution allowed the manufacturer to expand from 75 users to nearly 200 users in customer care groups throughout the country, establishing a future-proof service for a modern hybrid workplace. Now, the organization’s remote employees are connected in ways never before possible.

Business Benefits

Microsoft Teams offers a single hub of workforce productivity which simplified the entire IT environment into one elegant solution and allowed the manufacturer to easily meet all of its communication needs. Microsoft’s Voice solutions streamlined business processes, reducing the time spent conducting phone calls up to 1.25 hours a week per employee. This allowed the manufacturer’s 200+ users to gain over 250 hours of weekly time savings and over 13,000 hours of yearly gained productivity.

Five9 elevated both customer and agent experiences by enabling organization contact centers with AI, automation, and cloud to increase business agility and exceed customer expectations. Five9’s efficient automation covers about 45% of an agent’s day-to-day administrative tasks, allowing employees to focus on providing a seamless and authentic customer experience.

“We’re using it all over the country now and everyone has really taken well to it, everybody just seems to love it really. And everybody is doing the same thing.”
– Chris F. – Executive Assistant and Office Support Manager

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