Field Procurement Mobile App

Improve Procurement of Commodities

Synoptek’s dynamic procurement app is a mobile solution that provides better control over pricing and quantity from the field. Procurement plans, targets, prices, and quality standards are set by a central system at the enterprise level and disseminated to the field procurement team through a native Android tablet app.

Key Challenges for Procurement Managers

There are many responsibilities at hand when dealing with commodities on the field. Synoptek helps procurement managers tackle the following common challenges:

  • Lack of control over pricing and quantity
  • Limited records of procurement data and information
  • Inaccurate view of the buying cycle due to the inability to receive real-time updates

How It Works

Your procurement officers or buyers may source from brokers or small producers. These users record the procurement data, source, and consignment wise information on weight, quality attributes, and trucking information in the app. This information is transmitted to your headquarters as well as receiving warehouses. The receiving warehouses can then make updates about the actual quantity and quality received.

With real-time updates, procurement managers now have full control over pricing and quantity, and the business has greater visibility into the buying cycle.

field procurement mobile app

Maximize your potential with Field Procurement

Our mobile procurement app helps managers become more productive on-the-go by:

  • Reducing time and cost of data entry and reporting and eliminates human error
  • Enabling real-time updates about procurement and prices
  • Providing advanced notification to the warehouse
  • Ensuring procurement stays within indicated quantity and price levels
  • Allowing the user to spend more productive time on the move; not required to come back to the office for data entry and reporting
  • Delivering required information at your fingertips with advanced search functionality
  • Enhancing data entry with faster and more accurate dropdowns and validations

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