Case Study

App Modernization Services Help an Industrial Construction Company to Consolidate Data and Enable Seamless Web-based Access for a Bunch of Legacy Business Applications

Customer: A full-service construction company Profile: A construction company offering construction, turnaround, and maintenance services to a wealth of industries.
Industry: Construction
Services: App Modernization

Business Need

The construction company relied on several legacy applications for different business purpose like generating billing, generating earnings and payroll, track safety measures etc. which were built using Microsoft Excel and Access. Given the constantly changing industry landscape, the construction company was looking to modernize all of these applications in terms of technology and infrastructure.

The company also wanted to consolidate data scattered across different systems to centralized database which could then be used to generate reports. It also wanted to streamline the process
of managing timesheets related to workers/foreman assigned on different sites/projects.

To meet the App Modernization requirement, the client was looking to partner with a provider with deep technical know-how of the application landscape and implement best practices for quick turnaround. The client reached out to Synoptek for the same.

Solution and Approach

Synoptek began the app modernization engagement by carrying out a detailed study of the client’s existing IT environment and identified existing limitations as well as scope for modernization. Based on the study, we then shortlisted areas of improvement and provided the following services:

  • Re-architected and modernized existing applications to convert legacy Excel and Access code into .Net Core and Angular, leveraging cloud-native Azure App Services and Azure SQL Database.
  • Migrated the database from Access to SQL Server
  • Upgraded the overall user experience
  • Re-hosted current application from on-premises to Azure using PaaS services

Synoptek used the following Azure tools for the modernization project:

  • Azure App Service to provision and deploy application faster and provide automatic high availability & auto-scaling
  • Azure SQL Database to enable high-availability, automated backups, and built-in instance and database monitoring and metrics
  • Azure Active Directory to enable integration with existing Windows Server Active Directory, enable single sign-on for multiple applications, and manage different groups
  • Azure Traffic Manager to enable automatic failover for high availability by diverting network/web traffic from the primary site to the secondary site in case of failover
  • Azure Managed SQL Instance for migration of on-premise database in a flexible, transparent, and straightforward manner to the cloud

In addition, Synoptek also developed a few solutions pertaining to Safety Observations and Incidents onsite. These solutions were mapped to the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) domain
which ensured compliance with the required checklists/laws across workplace behaviors/protocols that help protect the health and safety of people at the site.

Business Benefits

With Synoptek’s support, the construction company was able to enjoy a number of business benefits:

  • Web-based application accessible from multiple locations and devices
  • Enhanced application performance, scalability, and resiliency (HA/Backup/DR)
  • Agility and automation
  • Infrastructure cost optimization
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