Case Study: CRM

CRM Support Services Help a Nonprofit School to Reduce Issues by 60% and Improve Efficiency by 90%

Customer: A non-profit outdoor education school scanning and printing products and solutions Profile: The school is dedicated to teaching environmental ethics, technical outdoor skills, wilderness medicine, risk management, and judgment across six continents
Industry: Nonprofit
Services: CRM Support

The nonprofit school relied heavily on Dynamics CRM to manage daily processes. But the implementation done by an incompetent partner led to several issues across configuration, integration, user experience, data quality, etc.

Learn how Synoptek’s Dynamics CRM Support Services helped:

  • Improve system efficiency by 90%
  • Reduce support issues by 60%
  • Ensure the accuracy of integrations by 95%

“We are very happy with the process enhancements made by Synoptek. The delivery and
quality improvements are apparent, a positive and direct reflection of the efforts by the team.”
– IT Applications and Data Manager

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