Case Study: ERP

Operational Enhancement and Digital Transformation Services Help a Security Products and Services Company Boost Process Efficiency and Organizational Performance

Customer: A worldwide leader in security products, services, and software Profile: The security products company offers entrance control, safe storage, and integrated security solutions to customers in retail, mass transit, public and commercial buildings, industrial and high-risk sites, and banking sectors
Industry: Security and Investigations
Services: Operational Enhancement and Digital Transformation Services

Business Need

As a leader in Security Products, Services, and Solutions, the client has operations in around 30 countries in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific. With annual revenue of around $700 million, the security company is witnessing tremendous growth and expansion.

The security client had a Greenfield Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementation with very few customizations. They had developed all custom business processes in Microsoft Dataverse and wanted to integrate data between the two systems, so all business operations can be seamlessly performed in the Dynamics 365 application.

Although they had implemented Logic Apps to integrate Prospect to Cash flow, they were facing performance issues while syncing data between the two systems. In addition, they carried out a Lasernet reporting implementation but document creation was a time-consuming process and they weren’t happy with vendor support either.

Data refreshment took about 2 hours for one execution, and this further delayed data synchronization on BI reports causing data discrepancy between the two systems. Moreover, while deploying Logic Apps from one environment to another, manual intervention was often required which made the process extremely cumbersome.

To resolve all these issues, the security client was looking for Synoptek’s expertise in data management, support, and rollout. They were looking for a partner who could closely work with business stakeholders to understand their analytics needs and provide the necessary support for execution and delivery. They also wanted the partner to create an array of BI solutions across customer service, finance, logistics, sales, field service, and enterprise service management, so SMEs could follow a standardized, data-driven decision-making process.

Solution and Approach

Synoptek has been working with the client via a consultative approach from the beginning, suggesting architectural enhancements and upgrades along with regular delivery to build confidence in our abilities while also establishing a long-term partnership.

We coordinated with Application Process Specialists for solution design and approvals, with SMEs to understand the application from a business viewpoint, and with the global team to ensure all solutions are in line with the business.

To help the security client keep up with the pace of growth and meet several requirements, we proposed and implemented a secure and robust integration framework for different business processes. In addition, we provided an array of operational, CRM, and BI Services:

Operational Enhancements

  • Replaced the Lasernet application with an advanced Forms solution and successfully delivered around 20 reports with the new ISV solution.
  • Discarded BYOD and implemented Data Lake to overcome the issue of delayed data reflection in BI Reports
  • Automated Logic App deployment procedure by implementing Power Shell script
  • Implemented the Microsoft Power Platform and enabled several enhancements across Travel and Expense Management, Electronic Valid Order Form, and Note for Approval
  • Re-platformed several SharePoint apps such as Vendor Management, Customer Management, and Item Code Management to the Power Platform
  • Migrated Dynamics 365 Field Service migration from Resco mobile app and enabled several app enhancements to manage and streamline field engineers’ activities.
  • Carried out a range of data management activities for multiple legal entities
  • Provided support services to users and legal entities which include resolution of issues faced in the current implementation

CRM Services

  • Restructured the existing security model to protect existing data and logic and created new security roles within existing customizations
  • Performed a range of customizations to meet the different needs of different business units across Malaysia, the Middle East, and Germany
  • Transformed the entire customer order process by implementing customizations at the Entities level and used Logic Apps, and Azure-based services for the smooth functioning of the system.
  • Provided support services to users and legal entities which include resolution of issues faced in the current implementation
  • Restructured the existing security model to protect existing data and logic and created new security roles within existing customizations
  • Enabled monthly release deployments on multiple instances across Test, UAT, and Prod

BI Services

  • Implemented Azure Synapse and Azure Data Lake POC to adhere to the latest technology needs
  • Designed and implemented a completely new architecture for the BI solution
  • Developed 30+ Power BI dashboards and reports across all functional areas and enabled self-service BI for users with different job roles, including
    • Customer service
      • Consistency Reports
    • Finance
      • Financial Statements
      • Operations Analysis
      • Project Performance
      • Customer Ledger
      • Vendor Ledger
    • Logistic
      • D365 Inventory
      • ON Hand Consistency
    • Sales
      • Sales Manager
      • Sales Order Intake
      • Sales Pipeline
    • Enterprise Service Management
      • ESM Dashboard
      • Capacity Planning
      • Project Management
      • Support Cases
      • IT Requirements Overview

    Business Benefits

    Given that the security client has been leveraging Synoptek’s services for several years now, we have been able to drive growth through our responsive, high-quality, and versatile services. Capitalizing on our global Dynamics team and a great relationship with client executives, we have enabled the client to

    • Bring down data refresh time from 2 hours to 20 minutes with the Data Lake implementation
    • Achieve near-real-time data reflection on reporting while improving data consistency and integrity
    • Enjoy better transparency and visibility across business processes
    • Improve data-driven decision-making through the implementation of advanced data analytics
    • Reduce Logic App deployment time from 20 minutes to 5 minutes by minimizing manual intervention and cutting down on tedious activities
    • Enhance MDM control to avoid process interruption
    • Get receive regular feedback on the viability of their strategy and business models
    • Improve the foundation of budgeting and forecasting
    • Seamlessly run business processes without any lag, thanks to the bi-directional integration framework
    • Easily access data that is constantly validated and cleaned and can be easily used to build custom reports
    • Get their hands on rich visuals to support a faster decision-making process and timely management of projects
    • Save money and time in building dashboards and scorecards and retrieve and interpret data quickly
    Security Products and Services Company Boost Process Efficiency and Organizational Performance
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