Motor Manufacturer Improves Flexibility, Reduces Costs, and Enhances User Experience with Office 365 Migration

June 21, 2017 - by Synoptek

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Customer: A leading comprehensive motor manufacturer Profile: A leading global manufacturer of commercial motors, industrial motors, appliance motors, and controls

Services: Microsoft Office 365

Size: 100,000 employees
Region: St. Louis, MO
Industry: Manufacturing

Business Need

As a leading manufacturer of small and mid-sized electric motors,controls, and other related products, one of the major tasks for the client is to approve/dispose requests for fixed assets on a regular basis. These assets include gears, ball screws, bearings, brush holders, dryer fans, and other logistics.

The client had developed an automated Appropriation Request (AR) tracking system to eliminate the difficulties faced in tracking and monitoring fixed asset requests and streamline the fixed asset request procedures. They also developed a Capital Asset Disposition (CAD) system to automate the procedures for disposal of a selected asset or group of assets.

To enable collaboration among an increasing mobile global workforce, reduce IT hardware and back up costs, and enhance end-user experience, the client wanted to migrate their AR tracking and CAD systems, which were developed on SharePoint Foundation 2010 platform, to Microsoft Office 365 (O365).

Solution and Approach

Before starting to migrate the AR tracking and CAD systems to O365, Synoptek’s (formerly Indusa) O365 experts had detailed interactions with the client’s employees to understand how they worked and to ease their apprehensions about moving to the new system. In addition, the experts provided them with a detailed understanding of how the migration process works and the many advantages of switching to O365.

Migration to O365

Synoptek migrated the client’s Appropriation Request (AR) tracking and Capital Asset Disposition (CAD) systems to O365 with full fidelity in the following phases:

Data analysis and assessment

The data involved in AR tracking and CAD systems was analyzed and assessed to make sure that the data to be migrated was actually useful, to be actively used, and had the ability to live in the cloud.

Migration pre-check

Migration pre-check was performed to identify potential problems of migration failure, and a pre migration report was generated that contained information about the potential issues and the ways to fix them.


Pilot Migration –
Established a set of migration scenarios to test in a non- production environment to confirm the technical feasibility of the migration

Content Migration –
Migrated the content of the AR tracking and CAD systems to the target environment

Testing and Validation –
Validated the success of migration by making sure that the target environment meets the requirements of the business

Migration Synchronization –
Performed final synchronization of changes, and made sure that O365 is now the primary environment for their AR tracking and CAD systems

SharePoint 2010 foundation systems were successfully migrated to O365 infrastructure with minimal business disruption.
In addition to migrating the systems to O365, OneDrive for Business was configured for all users.

Business Results

By switching from SharePoint licensing scheme to the O365 scheme, the client has considerably reduced IT costs (cost of in house hardware and associated power and back up costs) and is able to take advantage of business specific features offered by O365.

Users have access to AR tracking and CAD systems on a range of mobile devices and smartphones, setting the stage for productivity and contribution from wherever they are. They are able to work better together with file sharing, and can collaborate with teammates and customers with documents that are always up to date and accessible from almost anywhere.

As O365 plans are available at a fixed subscription rate, this gives the client the certainty over costs for planning and budgeting purposes.

OneDrive for Business has proved to be a private and secure library for the client, to store files and documents in the cloud. Users can access files from any device (even offline) and easily share them.

Migrating to O365 streamlined costs and operations for this large motors manufacturer, and the migration itself was done without any disruption.

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