Case Study: Technology Consulting

Post-merger ERP Integration Services Help a Geosynthetics Manufacturer Enhance Operational Excellence

Customer: World’s largest geosynthetics manufacturer for industrial and environmental applications Profile: The client applies digital technologies and R&D expertise to deliver advanced solutions to mining, petroleum, waste management, water, and civil engineering industries.

Services: ERP Integration Services

Size: 501-1,000 employees
Region: Varennes, Quebec
Industry: Environmental Services

Business Need

The geosynthetics manufacturer, with plants in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, makes products that are used in critical applications in more than 60 countries. By creating a layer of protection between earth and the waste that result from human activity, industry, mining, and the use of fossil fuels, the client aims to enable progress with minimal damage to the environment.

To drive further growth and expand operations across geographies, the client acquired its largest competitor, making it a true global industry leader. In a highly fragmented polyethylene geomembrane manufacturing market, the acquisition helped the client lead and reshape the industry – especially due to its operational excellence, superior quality products, and deep R&D capabilities.

The acquisition also gave the client a broader manufacturing footprint and helped in expanding its worldwide commercial network which enabled it to work more closely and cohesively with customers.

However, for the acquisition to be truly successful, the client realized the need for seamless ERP integration. The client, therefore, reached out to Synoptek for integration, consolidation, and optimization of its Dynamics ERP system.

Solution and Approach

Synoptek established a strong relationship with the client with a Dynamics Assessment project and served as its Dynamics 365 ERP integration partner.

The objective of the partnership was to work with the client’s functional and technology teams to architect, configure, build, and implement a global ERP system. This included consolidating multiple legacy applications into one ERP platform to further enhance operational excellence and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Synoptek deployed a team of Management, Business process, ERP, and Dynamics 365 to build a core Dynamics 365 ERP platform for the client. The team leveraged inherent functionality of Dynamics 365 where possible and customized client-specific functionality.

Business Results

The ERP implementation and consolidation project by Synoptek resulted in several benefits for the client.

By bringing the entire company onto one platform, using efficient processes, the client was successful in acquiring a much larger company – with an eye towards enabling more seamless future acquisitions.

Post successful engagement, Synoptek was asked to implement the platform across all other locations around the globe.

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