SharePoint Development Services Help a Leading Textile Company Streamline the End-to-End Courier Delivery Process

February 27, 2020 - by Devanshi Panchal

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Customer: A leading manufacturer and exporter of
cotton textile
Profile: A leading manufacturer and exporter of cotton textile known for manufacturing cotton shirting, denim, knits and bottom weight fabrics; the company also recently ventured into technical textiles domain

Services:SharePoint Development

Size: 10,001+ employees
Region: Gujarat, India
Industry: Apparel and Fashion

Business Need

The client wanted to develop a Courier Workflow application to streamline the activities involved in their courier dispatch, registration, and delivery process globally and ensure complete transparency and real-time traceability throughout the process. The client expected the application to also handle the bill pass process, help its employees compare the rates offered by different courier in their respective geographies, and generate operational reports as and when required.

This application was supposed to replace their existing system, Oracle – which was due for upgrade, and the client expected all data from Oracle to be migrated to the new application. The application also had to be integrated with SAP to process payments for the courier vendors.

Solution and Approach

To understand the client’s requirement in a comprehensive manner, Synoptek began the engagement by carefully evaluating its existing Courier Workflow application in Oracle.

Based on the client’s requirements and Synoptek’s assessment of the client’s challenges, Synoptek developed a SharePoint portal, which is equipped to handle the client’s courier dispatch and delivery process from start to end.

Using the SharePoint portal, users can not only create a courier dispatch request but also compare rates and pricing available from different vendors in their geography. The vendor with the best pricing is selected by the system itself; there is no manual intervention required from the user. Using the system, courier registration, courier delivery date, audit log report of any changes made to the request, and so on can be tracked in real time.

The system also allows courier vendors to upload their vouchers for billing purposes directly. Administrator from the client’s end can raise queries to the vendor if there is any discrepancy found in the rates offered and the bill generated.

Access to the portal is designed on the role-based access control (RBAC) technique – which means some users only have data entry rights and whereas some users have the rights to set/modify/delete data depending on the assigned user roles.

Synoptek has also migrated the migrated master’s information such as courier vendor, courier location, and so on from Oracle to the new SharePoint-based system.

Business Results

With Synoptek’s Courier Workflow application, the client has been able to:

  • Standardize the end-to-end process of courier dispatch, registration, and delivery across its multiple centres and improved the overall process efficiency
  • Facilitate authorized users to leverage competitive pricing offered by multiple vendors in their respective geographies
  • Enforce end-to-end record management, right from the creation of a courier request to notification of the courier delivery
  • Transfer the entire vendor payment processing process to SAP to ensure accurate and on-time payments
  • Create a centralized, integrated, single source of truth to ensure real-time data access as well as data accuracy
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