White Paper: Managed Services

Everything You Need to Know About Managed IT Services – A Comprehensive Guide

July 12, 2023 - by Synoptek

Despite emerging geopolitical and economic uncertainties, almost every organization today realizes the role digital transformation plays in keeping them afloat.

As the benefits of digital transformation become more evident, CIOs are searching for ways to do more with less, with many looking to strategically invest in technologies that will propel them to the next stage of growth and success.

However, investing in new tools and systems is just half the battle won. Managing, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing this complex web of platforms and solutions is where the troubles begin.

With new technologies growing in complexity, skilled talent difficult to find, and in-house IT teams overburdened with keeping the lights on, Managed IT Services have become extremely sought-after.

In this white paper, we talk about:

  1. Key challenges faced by mid-enterprise businesses
  2. The outsourcing imperative
  3. Major forces shaping Managed IT Services
  4. The Value Proposition of a Partner

You will also find solutions to challenges like:

  1. Keeping pace with technological change
  2. Bridging the skills gap
  3. Managing complex tech infrastructure
  4. Handling risk
  5. Optimizing technology TCO

Research and Markets estimates that successfully deploying Managed IT Support Services will help reduce technology costs by 25-45% while increasing operational efficiency by 45-65%. Read this white paper to know more about the numerous benefits that are proven to positively impact organizations as they can focus on their core expertise.

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