Automated and Predictive Dialing Application Helps a Demand Generation Company Improve Agent Productivity as well as Operational Efficiency

Customer: A US – based demand and lead generation company.Profile: The client creates, nurtures and launches marketing technology companies through expertise in lead generation, demand generation, content syndication, online marketing, entrepreneurship and more.

Services: Business Application Development

Size: 51-200
Region: Topsfield, Massachusetts
Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Business Need

Ranked as a top Advertising and Media company, the client runs several campaigns to reach out to technology and healthcare companies. To meet their goals, they had to carry out a variety of activities including cold calling, lead generation, following up and nurturing leads, market research, surveys, etc. Manually dialing leads was not only time-consuming, the process was also prone to error and restricted the client from meeting competitive targets.

Agents ended up wasting a lot of time in repetitive and unproductive tasks like manually dialing numbers, waiting for leads to answer, experiencing busy tones, attending to answering machines, disposing off calls as well as experiencing call drops.

To overcome the challenges of manual dialing, the client was looking to implement an automated dialer software that could boost agent productivity while reducing idle time. The client reached out to Synoptek who implemented an automated and predictive dialing application and delivered several benefits to the client’s call center operations.

Solution and Approach

To meet the client’s call center requirement, Synoptek began the engagement by understanding existing pain points: Synoptek carefully evaluated current call center operations, made an assessment of the challenges, and devised a solution to overcome the challenges. As part of the engagement, Synoptek built a modern outbound calling application using Plivo Voice and Messaging platform and Twilio APIs. The application:

  • Enables auto dialing against a target contact list and distributed the call among agents based on a set of configurable business rules and priorities.
  • Enables predictive dialing to identify when certain calls will get completed and initiated dialing of a new call to minimize the interval between two calls and maximize the number of calls in a session.
  • Allows operators to track call details such as call duration, nature of responder etc. well as display operational performance and details to agents, supervisors, QA team and managers through modern workflows.
  • Enables agents to view recipient details on a form as the call gets connected, allowing them to view past scripts and questions to be asked.
  • Facilitates agents to enter notes and outcomes from each call into the system.

Synoptek also integrated data from the outbound calling application with a campaign management system to fetch records for any campaign as well as analyze results against campaign targets and metrics. In addition, we built a centralized data warehouse and an online dashboard application using PowerBI that allows managers to view performance metrics across campaigns, agent productivity, value generated and other parameters.

Business Results

With Synoptek’s automated and predictive dialing solution, the demand generation company has been able to:

  • Boost agent productivity while reducing idle and wait times.
  • Get a quick snapshot of customer details, prepare for the call in advance and boost lead conversion ratio.
  • Get real-time insight into call center operations through customizable reports and dashboards.
  • Improve calling efficiency and the ability to reach out to a larger number of leads in a short span of time.
  • Overcome problems of misdialing, call drops, busy tones, and more.
  • Improve call connect ratio, increasing agent talk time and improving customer engagement.
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