In-House IT vs. Managed IT?

  • May 20 2015

What is the best option?

Recently I was looking through some of the Help Wanted ads on Craigslist. I admit it, I was looking for companies that wanted to hire in-house IT staff as a way to introduce them to Synoptek and the idea of third party professional services or Managed IT.

In reading the various wish lists of qualifications for the positions I was struck by the realization of how hard it would be to find one or even two people that met all of the listed qualifications. Included in that list of qualifications are the skills needed to work with all of the vendors shown in this table and their hardware/software platforms.

I came out of the in-house IT world and I understand that having an in-house IT staff can be corporate culture. If it is, I challenge you to try to think differently, at least to the end of this article…

The “can-do everything” IT guy became extinct long ago. Did you know that very few IT professionals are experts in all areas of IT? Your IT guy might be a wiz at Excel, installing software and helping you edit your vacation video, but is he fully trained at diagnosing network security issues or upgrading servers? Can he set up and execute a real disaster recovery plan? Or can he explain WHY you should use this or that software, or how to better design the business processes to reduce inefficiency by using this or that IT system, or how about ROI comparisons. It’s hard to find that right mix of business intelligence and technical know how. And if you do……

….they’re gonna leave. It’s expensive not to mention frustrating finding the right hire. Then, when you do, you have to provide a computer, desk, telephone, benefits and an obscene salary. Then you’ve got to train them on your systems and pay to make sure they have on-going training. Then your new IT guy isn’t available 24/7/365 and he wants to take vacation too? Then our internal IT staff is getting expensive and not very available. Then they get bored, and they don’t want to do this bit or that bit, and they leave for a job that is a better fit.Synoptek makes IT Simple for You

I understand the comfort that in-house staff provides you. But did you know that over 60% of employees when fired or asked to leave, steal data on their way out the door? IT Staff included. You trust them, but they’re the ones that hold the keys to your kingdom, that intimate knowledge of all mission critical systems. Think about that for a minute.

Have you thought about Managed IT or Outsourcing? It immediately gives you access to resources and experts and without the costs typically associated with hiring in-house or the long ramp up time. Outsourcing allows you to stay ahead in the technology game without being responsible for the overhead of playing the game.

Professional services consultants provide the perfect combination of round-the-clock support (24/7/365), flexibility and, of course, the ever popular cost savings. Managed IT consultants provide a high quality of security because there is a different level of accountability when it falls outside of your company. The consultant is answering to you and their own employer. A consultancy is going to take the highest of security measures, they’ll be strict with the rules and most importantly and they’ll be consistent.


Why Choose Us?what we do for our customers

Synoptek is that local team of highly qualified, round the clock professionals. We don’t do what you do, we do IT, and we do it really well. We really love making it possible for you to do what you do without the headaches of worrying about IT projects or the daily help desk problems. We are highly business need focused, we always ask why and provide complete analysis before we start working on any project. We are technologically agnostic. We are flexible enough in our delivery that we can support many different environments and business philosophies and cultures. We offer a full stack of offerings that includes Support, Engineering, IT Management and IT Operations. At a minimum, we can help you analyze a proper budget for the new IT staffer and even help you find the right person that is going to be the most cost effective individual for your business.

You don’t want to hire the guy that is good enough, your company deserves better than that. You want to hire an entire IT staff to be at your disposal 24/7/365,  you want an IT staff that has experience and training using all of these hardware and software platforms, you want to hire Synoptek as your Managed IT Services Provider.

Did I mention that we’re also fun?


10 Reasons you should partner with a managed IT service provider

10. You don’t have to make IT management equipment and software investments or decisions about upgrades, new technology or replacement. The Managed Service Provider has already invested in enterprise management software, virus protection software, management servers and workstations and redundant backup solutions.

9. You don’t have to provide a dedicated space for IT staff.

8. You will have to make little or no HR investment as the IT management company has already acquired the best technicians to handle a broad spectrum of clients and technical needs.

7. An IT management company can carry out IT management processes faster, cheaper, better and more consistently because it’s all they do.

6. As your company changes in size, volume or strategy, you don’t have to worry about IT management issues because your IT provider flexes with you. If you add fifty work stations, another six servers or relocate a department, an IT management company has more than sufficient capacity to accommodate your change and growth and can do it seamlessly.

5. IT management companies provide you greater quality of security because accountability is outside (less chance of internal sabotage issues), security measures are high, strict and consistent and backups are remote and encrypted.

4. Help desk is always available with an IT management company whereas IT staff takes vacation, falls sick and needs coffee breaks.

3. Advice is consistently objective. An outsourced management company will give you a straight, best practice answer because they’re not embroiled in office politics.

2. IT management capabilities are not constrained by your budget, staff, hardware or the size of your company. You get enterprise solutions of which you will likely only utilize a percentage because the company is prepared to serve ten or twenty thousand work stations.

1. IT management companies invoice a fixed monthly fee for a complete management solution based on some combination of the number of workstations, servers and employees. In a traditional IT staff world, real costs can be clouded and obscured among the mingled costs of HR, hardware, inventory, software, floor space and outsourced services. By the single IT management company invoice you experience no surprises and enjoy a real reflection of what your IT is costing your organization.