Faq : Managed Services

What are Application Management Services?


Application Management Services is outsourcing the ongoing support for your apps to a technology partner specializing in application support and maintenance. Application Management Services will enable you to improve internal efficiency, increase user satisfaction, and free your internal IT team to focus on moving your business forward, instead of spending time dealing with the challenges of outdated technology.

Why do You Need Application Management Services?

Is application management suitable for you and your company? Here are a few compelling reasons to help answer this question:

  1. You want to save money, time, or both: Application management is about saving two things, money, and time. By entrusting your applications and IT infrastructure to an application management team, you free up people to address other issues. With efficient professionals on the job, you get more for your dollar.
  2. You need specialists: Maintaining complex IT infrastructure necessitates the hiring of many specialists who have deep knowledge and experience of managing diverse applications across different languages, operating systems, devices, and technologies.
  3. You are experiencing a lot of change: In the IT world, change is the only constant. Since new applications, new features, and new technologies must constantly be adopted, with an Application Management Services team in tow, all aspects will be automatically handled by competent resources.
  4. You have got to measure performance: A qualified Application Management Services team can track the performance, functionality, storage, and other aspects of your web and mobile apps. These metrics can be used to ensure that your applications are working as expected, identify areas for improvement, and determine whether your performance goals are met.

What are the Benefits of Application Management Services?

  • Innovation: Application  Management Service guarantees that applications are well-managed, allowing application development teams to devote more time to new ideas, make crucial business choices, and provide support in a more timely and effective manner.
  • Increased performance: Application Management Services improve performance by synchronizing design, development, and testing efforts and reduces maintenance.
  • Business continuity: Application Management Services lower the risk of IT and other downtime for both your company and your customers. When creating and implementing systems, the team also applies best practices, which helps boost efficiency. This helps your firm stay focused on what it does best.
  • Total cost of ownership: Application Management Services improve flexibility by reducing the time taken to develop and deploy apps. As fewer IT staff is required to handle problems, teams can improve efficiency, while lowering operating costs. It is also possible to eliminate poor performance and reduce overall service costs by constantly fine-tuning.

Why should You Consider Synoptek’s Application Management Services?

Synoptek’s Managed Application Services include management, monitoring, and proactive maintenance to ensure that your ERP, CRM, and e-commerce systems can deliver faster business results. We adopt a revolutionary approach to Managed Application Services, ensuring that you stay relevant and updated in today’s competitive business environment by constantly striving for ongoing improvement, innovation, and optimization.

Our key Managed Application Support and Maintenance Services include:

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance
  • User Management and Access Control
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Vendor Management
  • 24×7 Helpdesk Support