Faq : Global IT Outsourcing

What is IT Outsourcing?


IT outsourcing is the process of contracting information technology tasks such as software development, infrastructure solutions, and software support to competent and skilled third parties.

Outsourcing includes utility services, software as a service, and cloud-enabled outsourcing. It assists clients in developing the right IT strategies and vision, selecting the best IT service providers, structuring the best contracts, and governing deals for long-term win-win relationships with external providers.

The principal reasons to outsource are access to niche expertise, better price-to-quality ratio, and ease of growing. For instance, companies frequently outsource data storage because hiring a third party is less expensive than purchasing and maintaining their own data storage equipment and facilities.

What are the Top IT Outsourcing Benefits?

Outsourcing can help businesses cut costs, shorten time to market, and get access to external expertise, assets, intellectual property, and other benefits. Here are the top 4 benefits of outsourcing:

  1. Reduced Expenses: When you outsource IT services to experts,  you benefit from significant cost reductions, including reduced compensation for personnel and lower infrastructural and operational costs.
  2. Significant Time Savings: When your company works with an outsourcing vendor, you won’t have to waste time advertising, interviewing, selecting, and training new in-house staff. Instead, you can leverage the skills and competence of IT experts who are well-versed with the latest trends and best practices.
  3. Access to Global Talent Pool: Outsourcing allows you to reach out to professionals globally that may be in short supply or unavailable locally. It brings extensive worldwide, world-class resources to meet the needs of customers.
  4. Uninterrupted Workflow: Outsourcing to experts lets your business work around the clock as you and the outsourced team might have a time zone difference.

What are the Examples of IT Outsourcing Services?

The distinction between insourcing and outsourcing has long been a point of contention in the business world. Each model has its supporters and detractors, but one thing is certain: no single company, no matter how huge, can do everything. Here are some of the most commonly used IT Outsourcing Services:

  1. Web and Application Development: Companies consider outsourcing web and application development because they lack the necessary skills or resources to successfully complete their projects with their in-house team. Outsourcing gives you access to UX/UI designers, programmers, project managers, and testers worldwide who can help you complete your project. Outsourcing web and application development has several benefits, including cost savings, increased productivity, reduced risk, and improved security.
  2. Hosting: Web hosting companies provide their customers with shared or dedicated hosting for one or more services. A web hosting service is typically used to host websites, but it can also host company email, files, games, and other content.
  3. Website/Application Maintenance or Management: Customers can be worry-free knowing that their application issues are fixed and that their applications are up to date in current and future settings, ensuring optimal performance. It’s more than just correcting customer reporting concerns when it comes to application maintenance.
  4. Technical Support: You employ a third party to handle technical assistance for your company’s goods and services when you outsource technical support. This frees you to concentrate on other vital tasks that will help your company grow and expand, such as designing a new product.
  5. Infrastructure: Infrastructure Outsourcing aids in transforming the IT service delivery paradigm by focusing on specific costs and outcomes, allowing for better IT spend management and IT operations.

Leveraging Synoptek’s Global IT Outsourcing Services

At Synoptek, we understand that after the initial evaluation and implementation of technologies, managing them consistently and running them efficiently while meeting the business goals is a complex and challenging task. Therefore, our comprehensive Global IT Outsourcing Services come bundled with tried and tested plans to help you protect your enterprise, optimize human and technology resources, and grow by maturing processes and capabilities. Our offerings help you redefine your operational processes, integrate systems, optimize automation, and create reporting mechanisms. The goal of our Global IT Outsourcing services is to ultimately enable you to effectively manage and evolve technology in a high service level, high-quality manner.

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