Channel Partner

Synoptek collaborates with several qualified and talented technology partners to deliver industry and geography specific expertise to meet the unique business needs of our ever-evolving customer base. Teaming with our Channel Partners allows us to innovate and invest in disruptive technologies, allowing us to compete better, our partners to thrive better, and our customers to prosper better.

Our partner ecosystem lies at the crux of our highly regarded suite of Professional, Managed, and IT Consulting Services. Combining our offering with the capabilities of our adept partners allows us to keep up with the pace of technology change, compete with new players, and drive business agility – all while extending the reach of our partners and our business – as well as reinventing value propositions as and when required.

We believe in growing together with our partners, and that’s why as Synoptek’s Channel Partner, you will gain access to new technologies, customers, and markets, and get your hands on all the resources and guidance you need to scale your business.

With a constant focus on co-innovation, we can offer you a robust path for long-term growth while helping you develop the capabilities you need to achieve that growth. Our outlook towards working together to deliver meaningful outcomes and compelling experiences for everyone involved is what makes our Channel Partners trust us, and build long-lasting relationships with us.

Why Partner with Synoptek

Having being in the industry for more than 20 years now, Synoptek has consistently delivered innovative IT solutions that keep pace with the expectations of our customers. Our strong leadership, technology ingenuity, and commitment towards shared success make us a provider of choice – for emerging Channel Partners and the highly-established ones alike.

Strong leadership

Collaborative selling environment

Win-win approach

Zero sales commitment

Compelling partner experiences

Deal Registration

This form is for registration purposes only and does not represent approval of an opportunity or eligibility to receive commission. All registered opportunities are subject to review and approval by Synoptek. Commissions and eligibility are governed by the terms and conditions under the executed agreement(s) between Synoptek and agent.

We work with Channel Partners to deploy partner-enabled digital solutions:

from data center agencies and IT consulting firms to VARs, ISVs, OEMs, and System Integrators.