Total Economic Impact Study Of Synoptek Global IT Outsourcing

Drive Better ROI and Business Evolution

Full TEI Study reports increased ROI from customers of Synoptek’s full global IT outsourcing through a 3-year projection and financial analysis as concluded by Forrester.

Forrester conducted an independent research study to showcase a cost and benefit analysis through the customer results achieved after partnering with Synoptek. The key findings in the study highlight the success in advancing the level of maturity in technology and increasing revenues, productivity, and operational efficiency while reducing overall IT expenses.

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Forrester TEI Research: Driving 188% ROI with Synoptek Global IT Outsourcing

The TEI study, commissioned by Synoptek, is based on Forrester’s in-depth interviews with a Synoptek customer, a non-profit healthcare organization, and provides details of the composite cost-saving and business benefits that the customer realized by leveraging Synoptek’s services and delivery platform. In this webinar, Synoptek’s CEO, Tim Britt, and Senior Forrester Consultant Kris Peterson will discuss the benefits of leveraging managed services – and how organizations can accelerate the maturity of their IT organization by partnering with a seasoned IT services provider.

Key Findings


Net Present Value


through increased


through increased
operational efficiency


through increased revenue
from improved environment


through improved
reliability of environment

Additional Benefits

Improved organizational stability and strategic vision

Boosted overall employee morale

Flexibility and mobilization of workforce

Reduced labor expenses and manual employee hours

Centralized analytics platform for improved business and customer outcomes

Customers Speak

"We were able to put together a three-year technology plan and roadmap that we were able to follow, believe in, and implement, and that was unique for us."

“…By being able to dip in and leverage technology expertise that we never would have had an opportunity to have, that really pushed us further along across the board."

CFO, non-profit healthcare provider

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