Hosting Services for SaaS Providers

Secure, reliable, high-performance designed for SaaS companies

Hosting Services for Software Companies

Software companies are quickly transitioning to Software as a Service (SaaS) business models, to be more competitive and need reliable, secure managed cloud hosting.   Managed cloud hosting by Synoptek offers quicker time to market with guaranteed performance levels.  Perhaps more importantly, SaaS infrastructure services offer a quicker “time to market” and ability to scale.  These services are not only lowering costs but avoiding the expenses and complexity of managing the day-to-day operations tasks for their own IT infrastructure such as:

  • CPU, RAM and disk utilizationMicrosoft Gold Hosting image
  • OS updates and patches
  • Control panel updates
  • Application updates
  • Checking remote management tools
  • Multiple vendor management
  • Check hardware errors
  • Governance, user account management, passwordsAWS Partner logo
  • System security and compliance management
  • Risk mitigation, backups, restoration processes

Synoptek has positioned itself with its SaaS clients as much more than just an infrastructure provider.  As one of the largest Managed Service Providers in the U.S., Synoptek can provide end-to-end IT management services like no other MSP.  You get “one stop shopping” for managing your entire IT environment including network, hardware, software and even 24×7 Help Desk support from our three US-based service centers.

Our SaaS clients understand this “holistic” approach to managing every element, or point of failure, within an IT environment delivers both operational efficiencies and cost savings.

We will work with your development, operations, and support teams to minimize costs, and increase the efficiency of your SaaS operations while enhancing the performance, capacity, and security of your SaaS offering.

Our SaaS hosting services are used by organizations of all sizes (including KACE/Dell, Catchpoint, Dynamic Healthcare Systems, Atypon, Calypso Technology, Narus, and many more). Synoptek can provide your organization with a comprehensive set of management tools partnered with expert personnel as part of our SaaS hosting services offering.

Managed Hosting designed for SaaS Companies

Synoptek offers SaaS customized hosting solutions guaranteed to meet your needs in any configuration.  Select from – Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud solutions (we don’t care who owns what or where it is located) with the capabilities to optimize business resources and improve IT performance.

Our customizable suite of SaaS Hosting services include:

Synoptek Cloud Awards

  • Guaranteed Service Levels
  • Continuous monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Regulatory and industry compliance
  • A fully scalable hosting environment
  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) with performance thresholds
  • 99.99% up-time guarantees and concise incident escalation procedures
  • 24×7 access to our SaaS help desk centers
  • Comprehensive IT Management services
  • Flexible service plans and contract lengths
  • Fixed monthly costs – No hidden fees

Your SaaS business can reduce the total cost of operations and at the same time improve IT system performance by moving the responsibility for managing your IT infrastructure to Synoptek.

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