Case Study: Managed Services

ITO Services Enable a Mental Health and Welfare Agency Improve Reliability and Performance of IT Infrastructure, Boost Productivity, and Increase Operational Efficiency

Customer: A Mental Health and Welfare Agency Profile: The customer is a highly respected mental health and welfare agency that provides innovative and effective Behavioural health services across residential treatment, transitional shelter care, foster care and adoption, transitional living assistance for young adults, outpatient and school-based mental health services, as well as several psychological and psychiatric services.
Industry: Mental Health Care
Services: IT Outsourcing

Business Need

Prior to engaging with Synoptek, the health and welfare agency struggled to maintain a stable technology environment. Despite spending over 5% of annual revenue on IT-related expenses, the agency could not advance the technology environment forward. The internal team lacked key skills needed for infrastructure and application management, user support, and overall IT leadership and management. Most of their efforts were focused on modernizing the legacy system.

In addition, frequent downtime restricted employees from efficiently performing their jobs, which also resulted in lost revenue opportunities. Since deploying a cloud-based analytics platform was unsuccessful, the customer ended up working with multiple network vendors across 10 locations leading to exorbitant fees and inefficient management of networks. Employee productivity was extremely low, and there were growing concerns regarding cybersecurity threats that further impeded day-to-day activities.

The agency was also finding it difficult to recruit the right IT talent, implement technology modernization, as well as consider IT as a strategic asset to the organization. To overcome these issues, the client approached Synoptek as their Global IT Outsourcing provider and Managed Services partner.

Solution and Approach

Synoptek provided a gamut of IT Outsourcing Services, leveraging our time-tested, proven Capability Maturity Model and the Synoptek Platform. The engagement began by assessing the current level of IT services; it was ascertained that the customer was at a maturity level of zero – which meant that there was no discernible IT strategy or leadership, and the internal IT team did not have the skills or resources to improve the existing environment despite IT-related expenses contributing to a large portion of business-related costs.

Synoptek's Capability Maturity Model

Based on our understanding and analysis of their technology environment, a tailored roadmap was charted out, and the customer was provided with comprehensive IT resources, with knowledge and experience across different technologies and domains. These resources modernized and optimized their tech environment and made sure technology was a driver for, and not a limitation to, business growth and success.

Synoptek’s suite of Global IT Outsourcing Services included:

  • Retained CIO Services to spearhead the partnership
  • Program and Project Portfolio Management to oversee changes to the customer environment
  • IT Service Management to provide end-user support
  • Managed Cyber Security Services to strengthen the security posture
  • Infrastructure Performance Services to ensure reliability and uptime
  • Managed Cloud Services to facilitate transformation to the cloud
  • Managed Data Analytics as a Service to provide insight into business processes
  • Managed Business Applications as a Service to oversee all lines of business applications
  • Managed Workforce Productivity Services to facilitate transition of Service Delivery to a remote hybrid workforce during the pandemic utilizing Telehealth

Business Results

Through Synoptek’s services, the health and welfare agency was able to stabilize their tech environment in less than 90 days, and advance from a maturity level of zero to two. Synoptek’s services helped them in:

  • Improving organizational stability as well as enhancing strategic vision while boosting technology oversight and streamlining project management
  • Standardizing and automating processes, improving service levels, and driving increased revenues
  • Advancing technology capabilities and evolving their IT from being a cost center to a business enabler and potential strategic asset


“We were in such a good position when the pandemic hit. We had mobile workforce. We were able to, in a week, have 640 employees work remotely, because Synoptek rolled out the upgrading of the infrastructure. They implemented a unified communication plan, so we were able to just do remote work.”


“Synoptek was able to put together a three-year technology plan and roadmap that we were able to follow, believe in, and implement, that helped us achieve an ROI of 188%.”

ITO Services Enable a Mental Health and Welfare Agency Improve Reliability and Performance
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