Manual Testing Services Help a Consumer Media Company Boost App Functionality

April 30, 2020 - by Synoptek

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Customer: A publisher of periodicals, books, and websites for the hobbyist and building trades.Profile: A well-known media company providing high-value special-interest information to enthusiasts through a series of successful magazines, books, and websites.

Services: Independent Testing

Size: 51-200 employees
Region: Newtown, Connecticut
Industry: Media and Marketing

Business Need

Being in the media and publishing industry, the media company manages a host of e-commerce websites and constantly publishes eBooks and references related to wood working, home building and home design, cooking, sewing, knitting, crafts, and gardening.

While the client outsourced the development work to a third-party provider, they were looking for a provider who could test their desktop products for functionality, performance and compatibility across different Windows and MAC operating systems.

Since the client has worked with Synoptek in the past on Magento website development and has had a good working experience with us, they approached us again to provide testing services. The client wanted Synoptek to check for problems and issues with respect to eBook loading and content serving.

Solution and Approach

Synoptek, after a detailed understanding of the requirement, got into a longterm engagement with the client to provide Independent Testing Services. As part of our services, we

  • Created test plans for different products of the client and manually tested their builds for functionality.
  • Executed test plans and tracked functionality and behavior on different operating systems.
  • Carried out compatibility testing against each OS and checked if the software correctly installs and functioning on Windows OS versions – 10, 8, 8.1 and MAC OS versions 10.11.6, 10.12.6, 10.13.6, and 10.14.6.
  • Verified if the eBooks open properly, serve and search content, and allow users to bookmark content across different OSes.

Business Results

Using our Independent Testing Services, the client has been able to improve the functionality and performance of their desktop products while offering a seamless end-user experience.

  • With access to our innovative and updated test lab, the client is able to ensure their desktops work across every flavor of Windows and MAC OS.
  • Through our test cases, we are able to identify issues quickly, report them to the client, and enable them to fix issues in time.
  • Using our time-tested offshore delivery model, the client is able to achieve significant quality, cost, and time benefits.

Synoptek’s Independent QA services is enabling the client to improve the quality of their webpage. Using our testing services, the client is able to resolve issues and offer a seamless browsing experience to users across their website.

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