Microsoft Teams Implementation Helps a Expandable Polystyrene Resin Leading Producer Quickly Enable Communication and Collaboration of Newly Carved Out Business Entity

May 11, 2021 - by Synoptek

Customer: One of North America’s leading producers of expandable polystyrene resin. Profile: The chemicals producer focuses on solving customer needs for efficient, high-R value EPS, helping reduce energy usage in buildings and ensuring safe and healthy food through innovative packaging technology.
Industry: Chemicals
Services: Microsoft Teams Implementation

Business Need

As a result of an acquisition by a Private Equity (PE) firm with a strong track record of growing its investments, the chemical company was recently carved out from a very large enterprise. Post divestiture, there was a six-month Transition Support Agreement (TSA) where the parent company would manage and maintain mission-critical applications and infrastructure. At the end of the six-month period, the new chemical company would be required to fully operate in its own IT environment.

The quick and urgent need to break out a new entity meant quickly setting up new systems and software. The company was looking for a
new Microsoft Teams tenant creation along with a Teams voice migration. It wanted quick, knowledgeable, and capable resources to design and deploy both Microsoft PSTN and complex edge Analog and SIP requirements.

The client valued Synoptek’s Microsoft Teams voice capabilities and hired the firm to implement the Teams system in the required timeframe.

Solution and Approach

To meet the chemical company’s Teams requirement, Synoptek’s Subject Matter Experts engaged in a series of activities to migrate the client from its legacy PBX solution to Teams. Some of the key activities included:

  • Add Domains to tenant for routing into SBC cores
  • Build users to activate Domains, and a test user to verify call routing
  • Build Teams routing infrastructure
  • Build PSTN Usages
  • Build Voice Routes and Voice Routing Policies
  • Pull user data from Source Tenant
  • Cross-check user data from Source Tenant against user accounts in Destination Tenant
  • Pull and clean up emergency location data for all users from Source Tenant to prep emergency location build-out
  • Get numbers ported from Source Tenant to Destination Tenant for Microsoft Direct Routing
  • Prepare and submit porting request to underlying carrier
  • Ensure licensing on Destination Tenant
  • Test Destination Tenants
  • Port DIDs

Synoptek also provided the following Managed Services:

Network Integration and Design
  • Evaluated and documented the client’s current deployment
  • Reviewed all areas of outside communications with clients
  • Stood up the new O365 Tenant
  • Migrated users from the old Tenant to the new
Teams Call Flow Integration
  • Built the client partition with new call flows
  • Tested and staged the environment for inbound number porting
Edge Integration
  • Set up all the critical edge requirements for emergency services and analog needs
  • Integrated Teams into the clients SIP paging system
  • Connected elevators into security services
User Experience Design
  • Created UX models and wireframes based on specific requirements
  • Designed flows and navigations for increased usability

Business Benefits

With Synoptek’s support, the chemical company was able to meet the required carve-out date to manage the urgent business need. We helped the company:

  • Simplify the design and implementation process
  • Speed up migration from Microsoft PSTN to Synoptek PSTN
  • Achieve 30% cost savings


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