Case Study: Product Development

Application Development and Integration Services Allow a Non-Profit to Streamline the Distribution of Over $50 Million in Funds

Customer: A government organization striving to improve lives in the community Profile: The non-profit is committed to leading the fight for equality by removing barriers, closing gaps, and leveling the playing field for citizens
Industry: Non-profit
Services: Application Development, Enhancement, Salesforce Implementation & Customization, Integration, Data Migration and Management, and Ongoing Solution Support

Case Study Overview

A leading non-profit firm was struggling to cater to its initiatives using technology. Their issues included – multiple programs not supported by the app, a non-compliant administrative tool, and inefficient processes.

The non-profit needed an MSP to help them enhance their app, enable integration, build advanced portals, and digitize processes.

Learn how Synoptek’s services helped the non-profit deliver on its purpose to 12,000+ families and efficiently manage more than 9 applications and 50 programs worldwide.

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