SharePoint Administration Services Helps a Reciprocating Compressor Manufacturer Maximize SharePoint Investment

May 21, 2018 - by admin

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Customer: A Swiss firm specializing in reciprocating compressors Profile:One of the worldwide market leaders in the field of reciprocating compressors and the only manufacturer that covers a complete range of reciprocating compressor technologies.

Services: Microsoft SharePoint

Size: 1001 – 5000 employees
Region:Zurich, Switzerland
Industry: Manufacturing

Business Need

With presence in more than 80 countries and operational facilities located in multiple settings, the Switzerland-based manufacturer offers a wide range of services that help customers minimize lifecycle costs of their reciprocating compressor systems. They have a huge and diverse workforce to effectively serve customers around the globe.

With the objective to enhance workforce collaboration, facilitate easy access to information, and streamline business processes, the manufacturer implemented Microsoft SharePoint. After the implementation, they realized they were not making full use of their potential of SharePoint in terms of collaboration and the functionalities offered.

In order to keep their SharePoint deployment at the top of its performance, the manufacturer required SharePoint administration services with timely and quality assistance.

The manufacturer partnered with Synoptek (formerly Indusa) to provide expert-level administration for all of the features and capabilities of the collaboration platform.

Solution and Approach

From basic technical inconsistencies to sophisticated customization issues, Synoptek helped the manufacturer address all their SharePoint-related challenges and make their alliance with SharePoint long-lasting and effective.

Synoptek’s SharePoint administration services include proactive support and monitoring, customization, and training.

Support services:

Synoptek’s support is designed to eliminate critical system issues and resolve unexpected events as quickly as possible. This mainly involves solving issues related to:

  • System’s performance
    • Low page response time
    • Integration issues
  • Data recovery
    • Domain data
    • Active Directory (AD) data
  • Corrupt data (repair and new creation right from backup)
  • Troubleshooting (i.e. when the server is down)
  • Database
  • User authentication
    • Duplicate user entries
    • Domain change
    • Deactivate users
    • Reset user permissions

Customization services: Synoptek’s customization services help the manufacturer extend the functionality of an up-and-running SharePoint solution, optimize it, and make it easier to manage and use.

Customization services include:

  • Development of search service application
    • Defining the priority for search results
    • Search result customization based on the client’s specific requirements
    • Exclusion of certain search results
  • Creation of workflows/workflow changes
  • Creation of PowerShell scripts
  • Development of a custom tool for copying a .doc file from a particular source library to the destination location (based on categories defined by the client)
  • Development of a custom tool similar to Excel’s summary feature
  • Development of a request tracking tool
  • File/folder level changes
    • Comma-separated values (.csv) export functionality

User training assistance: This consists of providing SharePoint training assistance to let users understand the platform, adopt it easily, as well as manage and use it smartly.

Training sessions are provided for:

  • Basics of SharePoint central administration
  • User profile app
    • Setups
    • Customization
  • Search service application
  • Managed meta-data service

Business Results

Backed by years of experience working on the SharePoint platform, Synoptek’s team of SharePoint experts made sure that the manufacturer has simplified management across the platform.

Functionality and performance related issues were successfully addressed as they came up. This has resulted in high uptime of the system and has reduced the resolution timescale. In addition to this, business processes are no longer interrupted.

The manufacturer is able to protect their SharePoint environment from unauthorized access and malicious activities with reliable, on-time, and continuous admin support provided by Synoptek. Development of the search service application has made content retrieval and consumption effortless.

  • Enables users to find content faster, better, and more efficiently
  • Creates a unified view of information
  • Reduces the number of information silos across the organization

The training provided by Synoptek’s SharePoint experts has helped the manufacturer bridge the gap between the platform and its users.

Synoptek’s proactive administration services continue to provide the manufacturer with the necessary support and maintenance to make the most of their SharePoint investment as a business critical application and collaboration platform.

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