Case Study

Synoptek Helps Westlake Hospital Modernize Network Infrastructure to Cater to the Slew of New COVID-19 Cases

Customer: An Illinois-based general medical and surgical facility Profile: The hospital provided quality care to patients for over a century

Services: ITaaS

Region: Melrose Park, Illinois
Industry: Healthcare

Business Need

Founded in 1927, Westlake Hospital used to be a 225-bed facility committed to providing exceptional service, warm hospitality, and excellent quality care to patients. In 2019, the hospital filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors permanently and is no longer serving patients.

In the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, an online petition was launched, pressurizing state officials to reopen the hospital. The hospital was chosen as part of the state’s emergency response to the COVID-19 epidemic to treat the growing number of Coronavirus patients coming into area hospitals in the western suburbs. The hospital will reopen temporarily to house 230 beds and provide additional medical resources and services to people who need it most.

Synoptek was chosen as the IT partner to modernize Westlake Hospital’s existing network infrastructure and set up new IT systems as needed to handle the scale and complexity of COVID-19 cases.

Solution and Approach

Given the presence of legacy systems and the timeframe in which the network infrastructure had to be revamped, the magnitude of the engagement was extremely complex.

With the rising amount of patients needing care, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Synoptek realized the importance of (and urgency in) quoting hardware, finalizing the SOW as well as designing, deploying, reconfiguring, updating firmware, and changing equipment types. Through proper planning, Synoptek was able to get everything up and running in less than a week.

To revamp the network infrastructure – so it can meet the demands of a global pandemic – Synoptek purchased a Cradlepoint AER2200 router and configured and installed it in order to gain remote connectivity. Once the connectivity was established, Synoptek carried out the following activities:

  • Installed a new core network, adopted existing switches which were remarkably efficient
  • Replaced all existing wireless Access Points with new Cisco Meraki Access Points – instead of reconfiguring 150+ five-year-old existing wireless Access Points and controllers
  • Erected a network to support 11 working IDF closets spread through the building

Business Results

Synoptek’s long-standing experience in helping organizations quickly deal with calamities across floods, fires, and system outages greatly helped in setting up the network infrastructure for Westlake Hospital.

We understand that a pandemic of this magnitude has to be fought via close hand-in-hand coordination with governments and healthcare authorities; therefore, since the beginning of the outbreak, we have been offering our services across the country for the design, deployment, and management of alternate care facilities.

Synoptek has been successful in bringing Westlake hospital up to speed. Through proper planning and methodical execution by a focused, results-driven team, we are helping the hospital deal with a pandemic that has been putting immense strain on the existing medical system. We continue to work with enthusiasm and dedication in saving lives and flattening the curve.

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