Case Study: Workforce Productivity

Design and Implementation of a Proprietary App for Teams Helps a Healthcare Nonprofit Enable a Seamless SMS Experience with Customers

Customer: A nonprofit organization that provides behavioral health services through a network of 10 campuses across Southern California. Profile: The group has been providing care and support for children, families, and adults since 1902.
Industry: Healthcare
Services: Microsoft Teams Phone System, Teams Text Application

Business Need

As a leading behavioral health and child welfare agency, over 500 of the nonprofit’s employees depend on voice calls and SMS for providing mental and behavioral healthcare and for scheduling appointments, sending reminders, maintaining support groups, and offering text therapy.

Generally dissatisfied with its hosted VoIP platform and faced with growing issues within its former SMS app, the nonprofit chose to migrate from its previous provider to Microsoft Teams. Synoptek was brought in to enable the migration with the primary goal of establishing a future-proof unified voice and text service configured for a modern workplace.

“By consolidating down, we were hoping to be able to have one cost as opposed to paying for two systems that did similar Things.”
– Vice President, Technology and Business Process

Customer’s Challenge

Prior to the transition, many employees were already relying on Microsoft Teams to communicate with their customers. But because the nonprofit’s previous contract was approaching its termination date, it was vital that the migration to Teams be completed on a tight timeline.

As a nonprofit organization, the organization was eligible to obtain Microsoft licensing at a discounted rate of up to 75%.

Synoptek’s Solution

Through mass deployment and adoption, Synoptek migrated 500+ users over to Microsoft Teams Phone System before the target deadline. To meet the need for a seamless SMS experience, Synoptek’s team also built and implemented a proprietary app for Teams.

The custom application for texting within Teams features one-to-one messaging, broadcasting, group messaging, SMS, MMS, new message notifications, and emojis.

Now, with the availability of this application, all clients have access to a unified voice and text service.

Business Benefits

Microsoft Teams offers a single hub of workforce productivity to the nonprofit, which simplifies service delivery by providing the user base with a single pane of glass experience. It simplifies the entire IT environment into one elegant solution for all its communication needs. Microsoft’s Voice solutions streamline business processes, reducing the time spent conducting phone calls up to 1.25 hours a week per employee while allowing the nonprofit’s 500+ users to gain over 625 hours of weekly time savings.

“Really what we’ve seen and what we’ve heard from folks providing care in our community is that the primary mode of communication is texting. For our youth, texting has become our norm.”
– Vice President, Technology and Business Process

“I really wanted to do everything in our power to make that timeline. I know that every tech project, and most projects in general, don’t necessarily make their deadlines, If we hadn’t made the deadline, it would have cost us about a quarter million dollars.”
– Vice President, Technology and Business Process

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