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Microsoft Teams + Five9 for a Seamless Communication Solution

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Synoptek is the world’s leading managed service provider, delivering an optimal, cost-effective, and efficient infrastructure by incorporating the Microsoft Teams Phone System with Synoptek’s proprietary direct routing network.

We address the challenges of migrating to the cloud, make managing a remote workforce easier, and eliminate telephony as a silo.

Our carrier-grade global network offers many services that are designed specifically for integrating Microsoft Voice within Microsoft Teams. We have achieved Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Calling for Microsoft Teams. Our solution significantly improves the user experience, reduces total telephony costs, and delivers high-quality service that reduces call handling times, call drops, and connection concerns.

Key Benefits

  • Enable seamless integration of U.S. and India operations, bringing them into the future of communication technology while supporting their work-from-home strategy.
  • Total cost of ownership is reduced by aggregating consumption through a single calling plan.
  • Enable a fast approach for user adoption and training with Synoptek’s propriety onboarding system.
  • Enable a fully-managed contact center solution with Self-Service IVA, allowing the company to accurately track contextual reporting
  • Get an ‘insider’ view of their own operations and productivity across continents.
  • Empowerment of call center supervisors to independently make meaningful changes to campaigns and call flows without having to rely on IT.
  • Implement quality management tools that assist with auditing and increase quality assurance.

Customer’s Challenge

TELEO Capital is an operationally focused private equity firm targeting special situations in the Technology & Software, Healthcare, and Business Services sectors. As a part of the agreement to acquire CHCS, TELEO Capital was required to retain possession of all existing communication systems. Consequently, TELEO was left with the contractual expectation of fully rebuilding CHCS’ existing systems from scratch in three months by the closing date of the agreement. TELEO was extremely time-constrained to implement the transition, especially with CHCS  operating a multitude of applications with an extensive variety of call flows, for users across multiple countries.

Synoptek’s Solution

Synoptek instituted a single, shared dial plan to aggregate consumption on an open platform, significantly lowering the cost of usage across the board. We migrated the client from its legacy premise-based Cisco Call Manager to Microsoft Teams Phone System via Direct Routing, allowing CHCS’ team to have access to their applications, documents, and telephony capabilities in a single, cloud-based team collaboration software.

We migrated their call center to Synoptek’s Five9 next-generation contact center application, integrating all of their communication channels and call flows. This new system not only enhanced CHCS’ Real-Time Communication (RTC), but their reporting capabilities as well. In addition, we deployed a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) to manage traffic across new networks. This provided them with the multiple connection types they required along with higher capacity bandwidth to support their volume and growth, which not only magnified network visibility but also centralized management throughout the system.


“Adopting the extremely capable Teams + Five9 communications solution has been a great step towards becoming a cloud-first organization. Today, our ability to monitor the entire RTC infrastructure in real-time has resulted in improved experiences for our employees and customers, which also cascades into our clients’ confidence in our business.”
– David McCauley, Teleo Capital


“Moving from a proprietary, hardware-based Cisco platform to a modern, web-based Teams + Five9 platform has been transformational. Not only do we now enjoy better stability and scalability across our telephony infrastructure; we also have the flexibility to manage our business and our customers in the most effective manner.”
– David McCauley, Teleo Capital


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