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Make your tech investment successful by leveraging Synoptek’s Information Technology Consulting, Leadership, and Management Services

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As Your Technology Partner, Synoptek Drives Business Agility, Competitive Advantage, and ROI

In a technology-driven world, it’s not easy to move forward when you’re stuck dealing with a backlog of technology projects, reacting to day-to-day challenges, or trying to maintain a labyrinth of outdated applications and systems.

At Synoptek, we believe in integrating technology into your overall business strategy, helping you take full advantage of the opportunity it creates. By curating a robust tech roadmap and providing strategic information technology leadership, we help you make the most of technology innovations to better meet your customers’ needs, capture a larger market share, and grow revenue.

Your Business Goals Shape the Technology Consulting Strategy We Build

At Synoptek, we listen to your needs to create an effective Technology strategy. We provide a range of Technology Consulting, Leadership, and Management Services that empower organizations to set the right foot forward. We help assess your existing tech environment, identify gaps, and suggest a technology strategy that perfectly complements your overall business processes.

As your technology partner, we work one-on-one with your team to understand your goals, business processes, and current Information System capabilities, and recommend solutions that will help you achieve your desired results. We deliver enterprise technology services through solutions across Business Applications, Data Insights, Cloud Advancement, and Cybersecurity. At the same time, we work towards continually raising the bar by measuring, reporting, and improving your technology strategy along the way.

Get 5X Return. Guaranteed.

Our Technology Capabilities and Demonstrated Competencies

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The Last Technology Partner You’ll Ever Need

Achieve Business Tech Alignment with Synoptek's Technology Consulting Services

  • 22+ Years of Consulting Experience
  • Customized Assessments and Recommendations
  • Tech Leadership Services
  • Tailor-made and Outcome-oriented Technology Strategy
Net promoter score
Rate us a perfect 5/5 for CSAT

Experience Secure, High-performance, Future-ready

Business Applications Environment with Synoptek

projects across industries worldwide
project implementation success rate
certified and seasoned consultants
reduction in TCO through our flexible delivery model
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Experience Secure, High-performance, Future-ready

Business Applications Environment with Synoptek

cost optimization guaranteed
certified, seasoned constants
availability of the onshore/ofshore hybrid model
clients worldwide
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Get Maximum Returns on Your Data Insights Investment

Built 100+ different kinds of advanced analytics models

Worked with 100 million records with performance requirement and created over 5000 reports and dashboards

Seasoned and certified consultants with experience in the latest technology with expertise in 7+ industry verticals

Tailored Offerings
Comprehensive Services
Faster Turnaround Time
Flexible Delivery Model

Our Capabilities and Demonstrated Competencies

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Get Maximum ROI on Your Cloud Computing Investment

30-50% reduction in business outage minutes

24x7x365 service desk providing consulted and informed support

50% reduction in incidents and FTES across P1 to P4

24×7 Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) with defined service-level guarantees

Synoptek provides the following Consulting, IT Leadership and Management Services

1. Customer Experience Services

Leverage our range of CX Solutions to deliver engaging experiences to your customers, align with rapidly changing customer expectations, and drive sustainable value and growth for your brand. Read more

2. Business Driven Technology Strategy & Planning

Synoptek looks at Technology as a foundation on which a growing business can be built. We develop and execute a clear and strategic Technology roadmap with priorities linked to business goals. Read more

3. Technology Consulting Services

Leverage Synoptek’s leading Technology Consulting Services and shift your organization from being on a defense mode to one that leverages technology to transform, evolve and grow. Read more

4. Program & Project Management

Synoptek’s Program and Project Management Services provide customers with an expert team that has an exemplary track record of successfully executing projects across industries and geographies. Read more

5. M&A Consulting, Planning, and Post Merger Integration

As business owners who’ve dealt in M&A, just like you, we know the risks you face — specifically in the critical area of technology. Our M&A Services can help you get the best returns from your technology investment. Read more

6. Retained CIO & CTO Services

Synoptek’s comprehensive Virtual CIO Consulting Services provide a senior executive that serves as a CIO and IT leader to your business. Whether you need us to advise, lead, or manage, we’re here. Read more


"One of the single biggest values in being a partner with Synoptek is having a third-party voice. We are very good at what we do, and we believe we are a leader in the industry, but it's important for us to recognize that we can't do everything. We lean on partners like Synoptek to fill the voids we cannot handle. Synoptek has all the services wrapped in one, and that to me is the reason why I would refer Synoptek as a one-stop-shop."

Jan Opalka, CEO and President ACF Technologies, Inc.

Synoptek’s Consulting, IT Leadership and Management Success Stories

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IT Due Diligence Assessment

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Post-merger ERP Integration

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M&A Post-integration Support

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What Synoptek does

Our comprehensive set of offerings include:

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