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Enhance Collaboration Using Modern SharePoint

August 1, 2019 - by Bhavin Sankhat

SharePoint has been an integral part of businesses for close to two decades now. The web-based collaborative platform has brought about a transformation in the way teams interact with each other and share and store documents. However, over the years, as the market evolved and the need to drive greater productivity and efficiency became pressing, several features and functionalities were continuously added – which eventually made SharePoint an amalgamation of complex structures. Fast forward to today, and the unveiling of the Modern SharePoint is truly an innovative solution to classic SharePoint woes. With better designed pages, a cleaner, mobile-friendly look, enhanced capabilities, and an entirely new user experience, Modern SharePoint is all you need to optimize collaboration across your enterprise.

What and Why Modern SharePoint

Modern SharePoint allows businesses to get rid of all the issues they faced with the classic SharePoint. Here are some of the new and improved capabilities of Modern SharePoint:

  • Employee engagement: Modern SharePoint offers a variety of features that help build cohesion between teams and drive employee engagement. By allowing users to share common resources and applications on portals, it helps them bond together as a team, stay updated with personalized news, and drive organizational efficiency.
  • File management: Modern SharePoint has given lists and libraries a complete makeover; not only is the process of file management more flexible, the fresh look makes working with the document library and files a breeze on smartphones. Users can now select the file they need with a simple tap of their finger, and drive productivity like never before.
  • Content collaboration and services: Modern SharePoint delivers productive team sites for every project team, department, and division to empower teamwork. Users can share files, data, news, and resources across different teams, and customize the site to streamline their team’s work. They can collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside the organization, and across a range of devices including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.
  • User interface: One the best improvements to the classic SharePoint is in the area of user interface. Modern SharePoint’s user interface is extremely responsive, it instantly adjusts to the screen size – irrespective on the device being used. Users no longer must scout through microscopic tests, trying to find files they need. Users can easily and quickly select files, share them, and move them with their fingers.
  • Integration: With Modern SharePoint, users can integrate a host of other Microsoft apps for efficiently managing projects, staying updated with project progress, sharing documents, and collaborating as a team. The goal? To better connect people to the content, conversations, and collaborators around them.
  • Personalization: Where Modern SharePoint really shines is in the ability of users to personalize the site based on their needs. Editable pages allow users to arrange web parts on a page to show just the information they want; even users, with no technical experience, can create a site in minutes!

Advantages and Benefits

Modern SharePoint is more than just a good-looking application. It is designed from ground up, and makes working on mobile devices extremely seamless. The whole new user experience with intuitive UI, and modern lists and libraries drives tremendous user satisfaction, while addressing tons of nagging usability issues. Here are some of the top advantages and benefits of Modern SharePoint:

  • Faster: Modern SharePoint’s framework is hosted on the cloud, with most web pages created right in the web browser. This means everything is stored in close proximity to users, and quickly cached right on the user’s computer.
  • Mobile friendly: Whether you’re using a smartphone or a tablet, Modern SharePoint sites work seamlessly, and do not require you to scroll sideways to view content, or use a microscopic finger to move files.
  • Flexible: Modern SharePoint is not constrained by complex and inflexible hierarchies to organize site contents. Each page offers extreme flexibility, allowing you to increase the number of sites – without a hitch – as your organization grows.
  • Easier to configure: Modern SharePoint sites are much easier to set up and don’t require you to possess any technical know-how. You can simply drag and drop items, and create a personalized SharePoint site in minutes.
  • More secure: Modern SharePoint offers limits to how much users can lock down scripts on any site; only admins or users with permissions can make changes to the underlying scripts.

The Era of Enhanced Collaboration is Here to Stay

When SharePoint was first launched, it broke all records of user adoption. By allowing business users to easily manage and deal with documents, business productivity reached new heights. However, over time, as new features kept getting introduced – within the constraints of the original foundation – the portal became unpleasant to look at, and difficult to use. This led to the development of Modern SharePoint that leverages a variety of innovative features and capabilities to drive collaboration and efficiency. From good-looking team sites, to an intuitive UI, mobile-friendly design, integration and personalization capabilities – the era of enhanced employee collaboration is finally here to stay!

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