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Boost Your Organization’s Productivity with PowerApps

July 23, 2019 - by Bhavin Sankhat

As technology constantly evolves, it is changing the way we communicate and operate. Mobility has become a key requirement for organizations looking to drive higher productivity, so is the need to automate tasks and integrate data across applications. Microsoft PowerApps allows businesses to quickly and seamlessly build apps and convert manual processes into automated processes. It also allows them to connect their apps with external data sources and share data with anyone on any device within a matter of minutes, and boost productivity.

Why use PowerApps

For organizations who are drowning in the sea of systems and applications, using PowerApps is a great way to optimize day-to-day tasks. Not only does PowerApps empower you with just enough data, it offers tons of convenience to handle all your daily, mundane tasks that otherwise leave you spending hours and hours – with no real output. Using PowerApps pre-built templates, you can custom build apps, import data into the app from a variety of data sources such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Salesforce, drag-and-drop forms, and screens and controls, and share the app across the entire organization. You can develop mobile apps easily and cost-effectively for every department: including management, HR, Sales and Marketing, Production, Operations, QA, Finance, R&D, and IT.

  • Management can quickly process global requests and approvals from their mobile devices and get more flexibility for driving mission-critical activities.
  • HR can carry out quick on-boarding of employees and offer a variety of self-service apps for employee empowerment.
  • Sales and marketing teams can quickly and accurately record leads, contacts, and opportunities in their system, and keep a track of all their appointments.
  • The Operations staff can quickly report and resolve production issues, even when they are away from office.
  • Finance personnel can get any time, anywhere visibility into status of support tickets, and approve requests while on the go.

Business Scenario

Given the varied benefits of PowerApps, listed below are three scenarios that show how PowerApps can transform day-to-day operations:

PowerApps for Sales Appointment Management

For retailers of consumer goods, having an automated system for sales appointments is crucial to handle all sales activities efficiently. PowerApps can provide anytime anywhere access to sales information, enhance workforce collaboration, and analyze customer requirements for future engagements. Managers can view and assign leads/appointments to the representatives; the representatives can view/edit all assigned leads/appointments, plan their travel, and get daily email notifications for assigned appointments, pending appointments, as well as postponed appointments for follow-up.

PowerApps for Medical Orders Management

For suppliers of pharmaceutical products, medical consumables, and other hospital equipment, insights into the order management process is extremely crucial to drive higher revenue. With PowerApps, organizations can seamlessly manage product orders, approval, as well as rejection. They can carry out detailed analysis on sales performance, and increase performance measurement accuracy, and sales efficiency. Approved order email notifications can automatically be sent to doctors and MRs through Outlook and rejected order email notifications can be sent to related retailers.

PowerApps for Leave Management

For any organization, managing employee PTO (Paid Time Off) is a Herculean task. PowerApps can streamline the day-to-day management of PTO and attendance. Employees keep a track of all their PTO, and the admin or managers can efficiently manage their payroll. As soon as employees fill in their leave details, the PTO approval workflow reaches the immediate manager, and automatic notifications for leave submission, approval/rejection, cancellation reaches the concerned people. Employees can easily view leave details like type, balance, and transcript, anywhere, at any time, through their mobile app.

Benefits of PowerApps

Being part of the Microsoft Power Platform that aims to improve productivity by combining Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow, the reasons to adopt PowerApps are many: automating workflows to integrating data across the organization, improving productivity, and eliminating inefficiencies. Here are the top benefits you should start taking advantage of:

Automate Mundane Processes

With manual processes taking up a lot of time and effort, PowerApps enables you to automate functions and processes – without having to write a single line of code. With PowerApps, you can enhance the functionality of day-to-day apps, and fuel mobility in the workplace. You can send important information, carry out reporting, automate payroll, resolve issues, and schedule push notifications for your customers.

Full Rich Integration

PowerApps, when combined with Microsoft Common Data Service allows you to access business data from 200+ data sources including Outlook, Salesforce, SharePoint, Dropbox, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Excel, and Twitter. Not only can you combine data from all these sources, but you can also save, edit, and share data across teams – irrespective of where you are, or what device you’re using.

Enable Greater Productivity

PowerApps lets you create desktop and mobile apps to suit your specific functions and needs. Using these apps, you can complete smaller, mundane tasks quickly, and drive focus on business-critical tasks. Automated workflows and data integration offer quick access to data – straight from your mobile phones – enabling greater flexibility and productivity.

Ensure Security

With security and compliance becoming a strategic priority of most organizations in the GDPR era today, PowerApps provides a birds-eye view of all listed apps, allowing you to administer data policies, permissions and user control options. Since all the apps are created within the Microsoft ecosystem, security policies are automatically and continuously authenticated, authorized, and enforced across all devices and users.

Boost Efficiency

The advances in productivity tools have brought about a transformation in the way daily tasks are carried out, and PowerApps has a big role to play in this transformation. By allowing employees to build task-specific apps and complete a wide range of business tasks from anywhere and at any time, it enables them to drive all their focus on business-critical tasks, and important business decision-making. If you’re looking to bridge the productivity gap, empower users to be more efficient, eliminate data silos, and deliver faster analysis, PowerApps is what you need to boost efficiency.

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