Managing IT Infrastructure Security in the Energy Industry

August 12, 2014 - by Synoptek

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Understanding and Comparing IT Security Services

Every organization is vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Cyber-attacks are growing and becoming more frequent, and the hacking community is growing. There is nothing you can do to get 100 percent protection.

Every organization has “holes” in their IT protection. There are two elements key to maintaining your operational readiness against a Cybersecurity threat:

  • Visibility – Being able to find, identify and see “into” all of the endpoints (devices) on your corporate network in real-time
  • Control – Assessing the situation and have the staff, skills, and tools to react and respond

Much has been written about threats and tools, but the bottom line is to be able to detect something questionable is happening and then quickly remediate the problem.

At a minimum, you must have “essential” tools like virus, malware protection, intrusion protection and intrusion detection.

How vulnerable are you? Really?

Attacks can target; hardware, firmware, wearables, BYOD devices, Internet of Things and through API’s. Attacks can target employee systems, cloud services, or direct to employees including malware, ransomware, and denial of services attacks. Attacks could be just simple human error creating IT Security “holes”.

70% of enterprises will be attacked or incur some Cybersecurity issues every year. It is going to happen…. So get prepared. Synoptek can help. It makes sense to have your managed service provider also provide you IT security services on the devices they already manage.

Use our 24×7 Help Desk Services and our ability to monitor cloud, server, and endpoint devices and to have us also provide IT Security Services. Synoptek’s Managed Security Services will provide you the security that cloud providers do not offer. Learn more about our complete IT Security Services suite.

Cybersecurity is best handled by an Award Winning Managed Service Provider
One of the best ways to protect yourself is to work with an MSP, with a Cybersecurity focus like Synoptek. Our experience in managing thousands of devices gives us the knowledge to apply the appropriate security software and devices to give you the protection you need. Our 24×7 monitoring can alert you in real-time.
Network Anomaly Detection Services
Malware, Trojan horses, virus threats all are “defined” in protection programs and then scans occur to detect their existence.  The benefit in using Synoptek’s Network Anomaly Detection Service is that it can provide protection both internally and externally and identify a threat without having to define in advance exactly what the threat might be.
Effectively Managing the Costs of Cybersecurity Protection
Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving challenge. Learn how to manage your Cybersecurity risk while using cloud services and at the same time manage your costs. Companies look to us for ongoing guidance, not to sell them tools. Learn more about the essential protection services you need.
Protect your Applications and Data Files on AWS, Azure
AWS and Azure do not provide all of the security you need. Learn which critical elements of your IT environment are left unprotected. Understand how IT Security can be applied while using hosting services from these cloud providers.

Effective IT Management, including IT Security, Identifies Problems and Resolves Them

Synoptek Managed Services runs an ITIL-based advanced IT management operations system capable of logging, tracking and diagnosing network and device issues. Synoptek uses advanced tool sets for remote infrastructure management that monitor hardware, operating systems, network devices, storage area networks (SAN’s), network attached storage (NAS), databases, Cisco VoIP services, desktops/mobile devices and specialized applications.

Synoptek has invested in monitoring tools, and a talented IT professional staff, to reduce what energy companies typically pay for IT support by 18% – 29%. We have seen these results with our clients. An advanced ITSM system reduces staff labor and expenses to resolve problems and unnecessary IT infrastructure expenses.

Think about offloading support calls from your internal support team and focus your resources on projects related to your energy business. Typically, 60% of IT costs are labor related. Eliminate your high maintenance, support, and labor costs and replace them with Synoptek’s versatile skill sets while only paying for what you use. Our ITIL-based processes and our $1 million investment in IT infrastructure management software and staff will help drive down your IT costs.

Synoptek Managed Services Can Deliver the Following Results for Energy Organizations:

  • Reduction of capital expenditures, up to 100% (move IT purchases to operating expenses)
  • Lower IT operating costs and at the same time get more of your strategic initiatives completed
  • Augment your current IT Security staff and tools
  • Increase overall IT user satisfaction and use Synoptek’s Help Desk services
  • Increase computing performance and reliability
  • Scale quicker and at a lower cost, react better to merger and acquisition activities
  • Increase memory, storage capacity and network bandwidth as needed, quickly
  • Provide a single point of contact for all user Help Desk requests with guaranteed service levels
  • 24×7 Tier 1 – 4, US based server or desktop support, use each Tier as needed, flat rate or per-incident pricing available