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The Top 5 Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Benefits to Know Now

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February 2, 2023 - by Synoptek

The ERP landscape is constantly evolving; as new technologies and new trends take center stage, ERP vendors must update their offerings to keep up with these latest changes. Microsoft Dynamics has long had a strong foothold in the ERP market, with products constantly being improved and updated to meet the needs of modern customers better. Along with updates across Dynamics NAV, GP, AX, and 365, Microsoft has now launched several updates in Business Central to help organizations optimize their operations, empower people, transform products, engage with customers, and drive tomorrow’s growth with greater ease.

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Why Opt for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

Having a modern and robust ERP in place has become essential for businesses operating in today’s era of digital transformation. An ERP not only brings all departments, people, and applications into one unified system but also provides end-to-end visibility into the enterprise, allowing for better, quicker, and more comprehensive business decisions.

Microsoft’s ERP offering Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers teams to work smarter, helping them meet their team and organizational objectives quite easily. Here are some compelling reasons why you should opt for Business Central:

  • If you are an enterprise that wants to start with an ERP, Dynamics Business Central is the perfect platform, as it offers capabilities across financial management, sales, supply chain, customer service, and warehouse management.
  • If your organization is currently using Dynamics GP or Dynamics NAV and is worried about their respective mainstream support ending in 2023, migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great way to leverage the latest and most-updated security, scalability, and availability features of the cloud.
  • If you are looking for cutting-edge finance capabilities, adopting Business Central can empower you to take control of financial data, accelerate financial reporting, expand into global markets, and make more profitable finance-related decisions.
  • If you think you’ve outgrown your basic accounting software/legacy ERP system and find yourself wasting too much time operating multiple disintegrated stand-alone systems, embracing a modern, intelligent, unified, and adaptable solution like Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you connect and grow your business through smarter decision-making.

Top Benefits Explained

Microsoft’s Dynamics Business Central offers a host of modern ERP and CRM capabilities that helps strengthen the business while solidifying customer relationships. This flexible and easy-to-scale cloud solution allows organizations to easily grow their business while enabling seamless integration with a host of other Microsoft applications and product suites. Built with enterprise-grade security, Dynamics Business Central ensures data is always secured and backed up.

That said, here are the top benefits of Business Central you should know about:

1. Adaptability: Organizations operating in today’s era need to respond to changes in the business environment with greater ease and agility. With its slew of modern features and capabilities, Dynamics Business Central can enable you to adapt to market trends as your business grows while allowing you to work smarter and faster – from anywhere, at any time, and using the device of your choice.

2. Intelligence: Dynamics Business Central is built with cutting-edge intelligence capabilities that can be accessed whenever and wherever you need to. Real-time intuitive dashboards and KPIs allow every team member to get insights into various metrics, allowing for quicker and more comprehensive responses to issues.

3. Financial Management: With several modern finance capabilities glued in, Dynamics Business Central paves the way for better financial management. Whether you want to manage your cash flow, budgets, or project costs, Business Central allows for shortened cycle times and better efficiency. With Business Central, you can take control of financial data, monitor financial performance, and take evidence-based financial decisions.

4. Customer Service: For organizations that need to improve customer service outcomes, Dynamics Business Central ensures a smooth and seamless transition from sales to service. Using Business Central, you can get a birds-eye view of customers’ details, queries, past interactions, and preferences, respond to them with speed and precision, and live up to expectations.

5. Security: Dynamics Business Central allows you to restrict access to objects and tables within a database. For each user, it is possible to define whether they are allowed to read, modify, or enter data in database objects. It is also worth noting that Microsoft has improved security for cloud computing and online company administration to the same level as banking and financial institutions.

If you are an organization looking to unify your business, bring processes together, and run your business with increased efficiency, Dynamics Business Central is an all-in-one solution that can help you meet all your business goals with ease. Contact an ERP implementation partner today to pull your systems and processes together, connect your financials, sales, and service, and build an integrated ecosystem of modern business applications.

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